Colonists uproot 550 olive seedlings from the lands of Shuyukh village

Colonists uproot 550 olive seedlings from the lands of Shuyukh village


Violation: uprooting 550 olive saplings

Date: 17/02/2015

Location:  Shuyukh town/ Hebron governorate

Perpetrators: Asfar and Bani Kaddim colonists 

Victims:  citizen from Ayaydah family


 A group of colonists from Asfar and Bani Kaddim uprooted around 550 olive saplings, which have been recently planted in lands, east of Shuyukh town in Hebron governorate.

The mayor of Shuyukh Hamid Ayayadah told a researcher from Land Research Center that the owners of the targeted lands on February 17, 2015 were shocked to find out that their trees were attacked vehemently .

Ayayadah pointed out that the attacked trees were gifted by Young Men's Christian Association  YMCA  to be planted for the sake of protecting lands from colonial plans and interests.

Citizen Mohammad Ayayadah told a researcher from Land Research Center the following: " we started registering our lads located in the area of al-Wasleh ,east of the town in the Land Registry  since August 2014; we , most of the times, got harassed by colonists and army troops through denying us access to our lands ,banning us from plowing them and building retaining walls. After we managed to plant the lands on March 13, 2015 with help of international activists , colonists came and uprooted the 520 seedlings"

Mohammad and his brothers ( Ahmad, Ibrahim and Anas) own a 320 dunum plot in the area of al-Wasleh; the plot is edged by Asfar colony from the east and Bani Kaddim from the west.

After finding out about the attack, Mohammad reported the attack to Palestinian Police and Palestinian District Coordination Office DCO and pointed out that he will submit a complaint to the Israeli Police.

It should be marked that the Israeli occupation authorities on August 30, 2014 served Ayayadah's land with a "land grab" order. As a result, a vast area of the notified lands were confiscated.

For further information, please read through the report issued by Land Research Center entitled " A military order to confiscate 10 dunums from the lands of Shuyukh village" ( Ar, Eng)



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 The Land Research Center


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