Colonists spray-print racist graffiti on Nablus school

Colonists spray-print racist graffiti on Nablus  school


Violation:  writing hatred-inciting slogans on a school
Date:  26/02/2015
Location:  Urif village/ Nablus
Perpetrators: Yizhar colonists
Victims:  residents of Urif


A group of extreme  colonists  relative to the "Price tag" gang  on Thursday February 26, 2015  spray-painted racist graffiti on the walls of a Palestinian school in the village of Urif south of Nablus; graffiti included hatred-inciting slogans in addition to the drawing of David Star.

It is indicated that such an attack is meant to provoke Palestinians by; it also exhibits the aggressive characteristics of extremism in addition to the brutal mentality of fanatic colonists. Noteworthy, the army and police of the Israeli occupation are usually the main complicit with colonists in carrying out such attacks; this happens by providing protection and help to colonists to complete their task or attacks in other words.

It should be marked that the attacked school is only 1 km away from Yizhar colony ; the school is separated from the colony by a valley and yet colonist managed to carry out their attack due to police help.

Photo 1:  the racist slogans and graffiti on the school walls ( credit: Salma Dubai'i)

Repeated attacks :

It should be marked that according to Land Research Center data , the school of Urif village has always been a target for colonists ; attacks varied from raiding the school while on duty to vandalizing its  interior and break its windows. Not only that, colonists attacks reached out minor school boys as well.

Despite all complaints the village council of Urif submitted to the occupation police, no results have been rendered in this regard.

About  Urif:

Urif's name comes from Urif Monastery which was built at the time of the crusades. It is located 12 km to the south west of Nablus and includes three main clans namely (Sabah, Shehatha, and Safadi) .The village is inhabited by 3800 people while over 2000 Palestinians have fled the village over past years due to colonists  unstoppable attacks.

Urif is edged by the occupied mountain of Salman the Persian  from the north , Jamma'in village from the south, Einabus village from the east and  the areas of Asira al-Qabalia and al-Hish from the west.  Colonist who occupied the mountain of Salman the Persian  were responsible for numerous attacks against the villagers including beating school children, uprooting trees, theft of cattle and breaking into houses.




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The Land Research Center

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