Building new colonial units and ravaging area in Kedumim colony

Building new colonial units and ravaging area in Kedumim colony


Violation:  an expansion on the colony

Date:  February 2015

Location:  Kedumim colony

Perpetrators: Settlements Council in the West Bank

Victims:  residents of Kfar Qadum  


 The machineries of the Israeli occupation army continue  day and night  carrying out ravaging works  in the eastern side of the Kedumim colony. According  to the field observation conducted by Land Research Center on the site, ravaging works were intense in the Western, northern  and eastern side of the colony where more than 70 agricultural dunums were leveled for the sake of building new colonial units in the area; this happened only at day one of works.

In addition, the occupation is annexing new colonial residential quarters in the eastern side of the colony;  more than 60 residential units have been annexed to the colony until today.

It should also be marked that the occupation has recently opened a road in the eastern side of the colony to link it to other colonies and roads in the nearby.

 Photo 1: view of the expansion details


This current expansion will double the size of the colony and make it hard for any Palestinian Israeli negotiations to take place in that regard.

It should be marked that the Israeli government by 2015 ratified the transformation of 3740 confiscated dunums into colonial lands; 165 dunums are located in the periphery of Kedumim colony and await to undergo an expansion.

About Kedumim:

The colony of Kedumim is located on the once-was Jordanian military camp in the southwestern part of the village. It was established in 1975 with a total land area of 1090 dunums and a population of 3290 colonists.

It should be mentioned that the authorities of the occupation put hands on the nearby hills to establish in 1982 the outpost of Kedumim 'Ailet on 533 confiscated dunums. The outpost is inhabited by around 300 colonists.

It should be also marked that by the beginning of 1990, Kedumim colonists looted a vast area of lands from Kfar Qadum to establish the colony of Gilad Zohar. This colony totals around 753 dunums in area and populates 1053 colonists.


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 The Land Research Center

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