Bruchin colony evolves at the expense of the Palestinian village of Bruqin

Bruchin colony evolves at the expense of the Palestinian village of Bruqin


Violation: expanding Bruchin colony via establishing an outpost 

Date:  20/01/2015

Location: Bruqin village/ Salfit governorate

Perpetrators: Bruchin colonists

Victims:   residents of the village


Bruqin is reported to undergo a systematic plan carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities and colonists to take over its lands and annex them to so-called state of Israel.

Having the colony of Bruchin located in the nearby, Bruqin lands have been a target for confiscation and colonial expansion interests. This comes within the Israeli plan of Judiazing the area.

By 2015, colonists escalated lands confiscation and home demolitions for the favor of expanding Israeli colonies  in the West Bank. On January 2015, colonists set up 21 caravans in the eastern part of Bruqin village in the area known as Khallet al-Shaikh to be extension for Bruchin.

Photo1: the new colonial outpost


According to Land Research Center field observation, the targeted location is 600 away from Bruchin periphery from the east ; the occupation worked on providing the area with electricity  and water to assure a futuristic expansion in there.

Mayor of Bruqin attorney Nafiz Barakat told Land Research Center : " establishing a new outpost will certainly take over a vast area of land from the eastern side of the town. It is an Israeli vision to establish the so-called greater Bruchin. As a result, a percentage of 40% is expected to be confiscated from the town's total area.  Noteworthy, the confiscated land, which are located between the colony and the town , are planted with aging olive trees and are considered a source of income for many families".


It is located 13 km to the west of Salfit city; it is one of the Palestinian villages that depend mostly on agriculture in its income. The village's total area is 13273 dunums including 1336 dunums of built-up area inhabited by around 3500 people.

1200 dunums are planted with olives while 3000 dunums are used for herding purposes; the rest (8000 dunums) are under the nearby colonies control.

The village is facing vicious attack from the Israelis; more than 8000 dunums of the village lands were confiscated for colonial expansion purposes.

Table 1: land confiscations in Bruqin:



Establishment date

Built-up area


Built over






Sarta, Bruqin, haris





Residential, industrial

Bruqin, Haris


Ariel Gardens






 *GIS unit – LRC


About Bruchin:

Bruchin was named after Bruqin village on which the colony was built. The colony's area –until 2009- was 480 dunums and its built-up area was 266 dunums. After 2009, the colony ever expanded as colonists are offered protection and security and allowed to confiscate lands, harass farmers, and attack trees. (source: Geographic Information System).

For further information about what has Bruqin been going through, please read the following reports issued by the Monitoring Israeli Violations Team :

  • A plan for expanding Bruchin colony on 20/06/2014 (Arabic).
  • Opening a new colonial bypass and uprooting 13 olive trees on 23/09/2013 (Ar, Eng)
  • A residence notified with stop work order in Bruqin on13/09/2013 (Arabic)
  • Expansion works on Barqan colony in Bruqin on07/09/2013 (Arabic Eng)
  • An Israeli plan to build 550 outposts in Bruchin colony on 10/06/2013 (Arabic)
  • 40 agricultural lands of Bruqin village ordered to be evacuated on (Arabic)
  • The occupation frequently notifies lands with confiscation in Bruqin village on 02/01/2012 (Ar, Eng)
  • A mosque set on fire in Bruqin on 15/10/2011( Ar,Eng)
  • Torching 340 fruitful trees in Bruqin on 15/10/2011 (Ar, Eng)
  • Even schools and mosque were served demolition orders in Bruqin  on 15/06/2011 (Ar, Eng)
  • Bruqin village served a number of stop work orders  on 15/06/2011 (Ar, Eng)
  • The occupation notified two houses with stop work orders on 26/03/2011 (Arabic)
  • A rapid expansion on Bruchin colony in Bruqin village on 01/02/2011 (Arabic)
  • Bruqin village served a number of stop work orders on19/11/2008 (Arabic)
  • The occupation deposits a new master plan  in Bruqin (Arabic)
  • Colonies sewage pollutes the lands of Bruqin on 10/06/2008 (Arabic)


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