Banning olive trees cultivation in Tubas

Banning olive trees cultivation in Tubas


Violation: banning residents from planting olive trees

Location: Sahel al-Bikai'a

Date: 01/01/2015

Perpetrators: the Israeli occupation army

Victims: farmers of area


Within the activities of a local event, residents of Tubas on January 01, 2015 planted an area of 8 dunums with olive in the park of Martyr Zeyad Abu Ain, which is located in the eastern side of Sahel al-Bikai'a, more specifically nearby the bypass road leading to Beqaot colony. This did not last a while before the bulldozers of the Israeli army ravaged what have been planted there.

Not only that, troops of the Israeli army sabotaged the panel (giving directions to the park) and detained workers and farmers who participated in the event for hours before they were released. Shortly, the area was declared a closed military zone( inaccessible for Palestinians).



Photos 1-5: the targeted park with a view of the trees


A crime series against the olive tree:

It should be marked that similar attacks to the aforementioned have repeatedly took place in different parts of Tubas governorate. In December 2014, tens of agricultural dunums were notified with eviction in the area of Umm Kbaish, east of Tammun town. Noteworthy, the lands are planted with olives by Palestine Ministry of Agriculture to be a park in the future. In the same time, the occupation army sabotaged and uprooted a big number of trees in the area of Khirbet 'Ainon, east Tubas governorate.

Moving east to the Jordan Valley, the Israeli occupation declared the area of al-Sakut a closed military zone banning all types of cultivation in it. Noteworthy, Sakut's 500 dunums lands belong to farmers from Tubas.

In reference to all the aforementioned , it's obvious that the occupation gives itself the right to destroy nature for the sake of its continuity and at the expense of the lands original owners; Palestinians.



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