Another kid injured due to the military training leftovers in al-Ghoor

Another kid injured due to the military training leftovers in al-Ghoor


Violation:  injuries sustained on a kid

Date: 28/01/2015

Location:  Wad al-Maleh/ al-ghoor

Perpetrators: Israeli occupation army

Victims:  kid Ali al-Awad


The Palestinian Jordan Valley al-ghoor is known for its abundance of pastures and water, not mentioning the beauty of its sceneries and unique nature. For Palestinian, al-ghoor is the Palestine gate to the east.

The Israeli occupation since 1967 worked day and night to take over al-ghoor area and its natural resources in all possible ways even those that contradict human rights.  To achieve that, the occupation transformed vast areas into military training camps. Not only that,  pastoral areas nearby Bedouin communities were changed into landmines fields, leaving Bedouins; especially kids under imminent danger.


Kid Ali al-Awad and his father on January 28, 2015 headed to the area of al-Tabqa, which is located nearby the colony of Maskiyyot to graze their sheep; curiosity  led the boy to play with an unidentified object, which later exploded. The kid sustained injuries, fractures and bruises  but he was in an average  condition.

The Israeli occupation troops present at al-Tayasir checkpoint hindered the ambulance to get in and move the kid to hospital; after half an hour, the ambulance of the Red Cross managed to transfer the kid to Tubas Turkish hospital to receive proper medical care.


Photo1-3: the various injuries on the kid's body

Photo 4: Maskiyot SEttlement


It should be marked that the kid represents one of tens of similar cases, which reflects Israeli insist on killing the Palestinian childhood to serve the Zionist project.

Since 2000 and until now, tens of cases were documented of kids of al-ghoor.  Results varied for some kids died where others sustained injuries, fractures, bruises and disabilities. About a month ago, Ahmad Sawafta died in the area of Bardala due to a landmine explosion; year ago,  citizen Muhanad Sawafta  died in the area of Ein al-Helwih. Many others were reported injured or killed in Yarza area. As long as the occupation and its landmines are still in the area, many Palestinians will fall dead and others will sustain injuries.

What the occupation does in the area of al-ghoor is a clear-cut violation of all human rights and international covenants and conventions, which are supposed to protect civilians at time of war and in occupied territories..



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The Land Research Center

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