Demolition orders on 17 residences in Jericho

Demolition orders on 17 residences in Jericho


Violation: military eviction and demolition orders

Location: al-Staih area/ relative to  Jericho

Date:  November 18, 2014

Perpetrators: the army of Israeli occupation

Victims: 17 Jerusalemite families


Israel Civil Administration served on November 18, 2014 a total of 17 orders ( demolition and eviction) on residences under the pretext of the area being classified within jurisdiction of the Israeli Law of Absentees.

According to the orders -which Land Research Center got a copy of-, owners of the houses were given a 45day deadline to evacuate the area and leave it to its status quo. This came under the pretext of houses violating "State Properties".



Sample of the military orders served in the area


Ad Duyuk at Tahta:

One of the newly amended neighborhoods of Jericho city; it is located on the eastern side of the city and inhabited by around 940 people according to Jericho Municipality. Most of the citizens come originally from Jerusalem and Hebron and  the rest belong to three main families namely ( Samrat, Ifhaydat, and Ja'man).

It is known for the availability of water while holding Staih spring which pumps around 13 m3/ hour. Also ,the area holds a number of varied historical and religious sites.

It should be marked that al-Staih is classified as area C according to Oslo Accords, in which at least 100 structures are notified with demolition under the pretext of unlicensed construction. The following table shows information about the notified families :

Affected citizen Nature of house Aream2 Photo no.
Yosuf Abbasi Under construction 280 1
Zaher Kilani Villa 390 2
Ahmad Abbasi One inhabited floor 160 3
Faysil Hammad One inhabited floor 180 4
Younes Yassin Two story house 210 5
Yosuf Abbasi One floor 160 6
Iyad Abbasi One floor 160 7
Ahmad Hammad One floor 180 8
Karim Bulbul Villa 380 9
Musa Shwaika One floor 120 10
Mosa Abu Hadwan One floor 175 11
Suliman Qara'in Villa 360 12
Harbi Shwaika One floor 120 13
Nabil Yassin Under construction villa 420 14
Bashar Abu Khalil One floor 175 15
Wahdi Abbasi One floor 160 16
Mansour Mibyadin One floor 120 N/A
Total 3750  

Source : field observation-  Department of Monitoring Israeli Violations- Land Research Center


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 The Land Research Center


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