Colonists cut down 50 olive trees in Bethlehem

Colonists cut down 50 olive trees in Bethlehem


Violation: sabotaging 50 fruitful olive trees

Date: 18/10/2014

Location: Jab'a village/ Bethlehem

Perpetrators: Beit Ain colony

Victims: famers Ibrahhim and Ali Abu Latifeh and Mohamad Masha'la

Details :

A group of extreme colonists from Beit Ain on October 18, 2014 broke into agricultural lands in the area of Jab'a and partially cut down around 50 fruitful olive trees using sharp tools. When present in the fields, farmers got shocked by the attack, which was not expected especially during the picking season.

Noteworthy, the affected trees belong to Ibrahim Abu Latifeh (14 trees) , Mohammad Masha'la (20 trees) and Ali Abu Latifeh (16 trees); the trees are estimated to be of 60 years in age  .


Photos 1-2 : views from the attack on the trees

Jab'a village under the attack spot by colonists :

It is indicated that the village of Jab'a has recently witnessed frequent attacks carried out by colonists and even army troops. Attacks were represented in trees cutoff and lands ravaging. For further information about the attacks, please read through the following reports issued by Land Research Center:

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Prepared by

 The Land Research Center

Categories: Settlers Attacks