The Isreali Ministry of Housing deposits a tender to construct 283 residential units in the colony of Elkana

The Isreali Ministry of Housing deposits a tender to construct 283 residential units in the colony of Elkana


Violation: a deposited tender to build 283 colonial outposts

Location: Mas-ha village/ Salfit governorate

Date : 04/09/2014

Perpetrators: Elkana colonists

Victims: farmers of Mas-ha


On 04/09/2014, the so-called Israel lands authority announced a new tender to construct 283 residential units in Elkana B, west of Salfit governorate. This is based on the master plan no.(3/13/125) advertised on January 2014 in the official papers by the Supreme Council for Planning/ the Inspection  Sub- Committee of Israel. The advertisement mentioned a developmental plan on Elkana through  constructing new outposts to serve the colony's own expansion. The plan was approved on as a matter of fact. For further information, click here .

It should be marked that the targeted area is located west to Mas-ha, more specifically on the natural block no.5 of the village's lands that are segregated by the apartheid wall. A photo explaining the expansion works on Elkana B since 2011 until now

Elkana colony in 2011

Elkana colony in 2012

Elkana colony in September 2014


The apartheid wall: a means to devour more land :

It should be mentioned that since 2001( the date of the wall construction on Mas-ha lands),  life became an unbearable "Hell". Farmers were denied access to their lands, which became trapped behind the wall and given to colonists to establish the colony of Elkana on .Noteworthy, the colony has been going under continuous expansion works on the expense of the Palestinian farmer.

It should be also marked that this tender came in time with other tender to build 280 residential units in the colony of Elknyeh, west of Ramallah governorate , 48 other residential units in the colony of Har Bracha, south of Nablus, and 120 residential units in Eli colony, south Nablus city.

About Elkana:

Elkana was established in 1977 over the ruins of a Jordanian military camp; it has been considered as a source of destruction and the launching point of many attacks against the Palestinians.

The colony was built near the Palestinian village of Mes-ha which lost over 5000 dunums of its lands due to the construction of the annexation and expansion wall. Citizens lost their source of income after losing their fruitful lands as a result.

Elkana expanded over the years to reach over 1700 dunums in area; the colony is two parts, Elkana A and Elkana B with plans ongoing to merge both parts. In addition to that, there are several outposts built in the two colonies with developmental plans for the infrastructure and expansion to be carried out in the area.


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