Stop work orders on structures in Wadi al-Rakhaim

Stop work orders on structures in Wadi al-Rakhaim

Violation: serving stop work orders on different facilities

Date: 03/09/2014

Location: Yatta/ Hebron governorate

Perpetrators: the army of the Israeli occupation and the Civil Administration CA

Victims: citizens Ehsan and Sa’ad Shunaran


On 03/09/2014, the authorities of the occupation served stop work orders on residences and barns owned by citizens from the area of Wadi al-Rakhaim, south of Yatta town/ Hebron governorate. Suhaib Shunaran (18) asserted that a vehicle of the CA accompanied by a patrol of the occupation army arrived to the targeted area, hanged the stop work orders on the structures, and took photos of them before they had left. The orders mentioned that the structures were unlicensed and asked for immediate construction termination. In addition, the 02/10/2014 was assigned for a court session of the Inspection Sub-Committee in order to consider the status of the structures.

The military orders targeted the following structures:

Citizen Ehsan Shunaran structure: it is a tent with metal pillars and is used as fodder storehouse. Established in 2011, the structure of 32m2 in area was gifted by Action Against Hunger ACF.

Photo1: Citizen Ehsan’s notification

Photo2: a scene of Ehsan’s targeted structure

Citizen Sa’ad Shunaran’s structures:-

  1. The family residence: it is a tent with metal pillars and some bricks. Gifted by Action Against Hunger ACF in 2012, the structure is of 32m2 in area and is inhabited by 12 members including 8 minors.
  2. A livestock barn: it is tent with iron pillars and surrounded by barbed-wires. The barn was established in 2011and is of 40m2 in area.
  3. A bathroom (made of metal slabs): it was gifted by ACF in 2012 and is of 3m2 in area.

Photo3: the notification of Sa’ad’s structure

It should be mentioned that the area of Wadi al-Rakhaim is located west to Susiya, which is founded on confiscated lands of citizens of the area.



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