New outposts established in Kfar Tapuah

New outposts established in Kfar Tapuah


Violation: adding new outposts on Yasuf lands

Location: Yasuf village- Salfit governorate

Date: August 1st,2014

Perpetrators: Kfar Tapuah colonists

Victims: Yasuf farmers


On the western hills of Yasuf, north of Salfit, a story of ongoing agony with occupation lives.  Looting lands forcefully and declaring them inaccessible to farmers is how the occupation manifested its extremism.

Recently, a group of colonists set up new colonial outposts in the areas of al-Mfqa’a and Khlayel Ish’er in Yasuf. Three caravans were installed in the area for the sake of expanding new outposts on the lands that have been confiscated for 10 years.

Nove Nehima; the new outpost, is located 1.5km to the south of Kfar Tapuah. Noteworthy, Nove Nehima is not located within the area of the colony and not even within its security zone.

Photo 1: an aerial image of the outpost


The nature of the targeted area:

During the past ten years, the colonists confiscated massive areas of Yasuf lands for the favor of the new outpost establishment. According to Hafith Abeiyh to the LRC: “the confiscated lands are estimated of 2000dunums ; that is 30% if the total area of the village .

Abeiyh also asserted: “the majority of the confiscated areas were used as farms by colonists with watchtowers spread around the area to guarantee best control and futuristic expansion plans.

 Again to the LRC observer, Abeiyh about lands usage stated: “the lands have been planted with field crops, grains, and olive trees. Plantation is the main source of living for almost everybody in Yasuf agricultural village and the nearby Iskaka village”.

Legal follow-up about lands confiscation:

It should be marked that three months ago, the village council of Yasuf submitted a plea to the Supreme Court of Israel demanding the eviction of the new outpost. Yet, the occupation has been postponing the case unjustifiably. Meanwhile, colonists have been looting and confiscating more areas on wider spectrum.

The aforementioned step came in synchronization with legal department of Salfit governorate submitting complaints to object the wide-range lands confiscation during the past three years. Noteworthy, none of the complaints were considered despite the legality of the submitted papers.

About Yasuf:

It is 16km south of Nablus. Yasuf is surrounded by Huwara and Jamma'in (north), Marda (west), Yatma (east), and Iskaka (south). Yasuf is inhabited by 2090 people (according to 2013 projections). It has a total area of 6037 dunums, 330 of which are built-up area of the village.

The Israeli occupation confiscated 814 dunums for these two colonies: Kfar Tapuah colony which was built on Yasuf lands in 1978. The colony is inhabited by 523 colonists and Rachelim- Shvut that was built in 1991 and devoured 10 dunums. Besides, bypass number 508 confiscated more than 155 dunums of the village lands.

According to Oslo Accords, only 1427 dunums of Yasuf lands are under Area B (PA is in charge of civil matters with Israel responsible for security) while most of Yasuf is under Area C (Israel maintains full security and administrative control). About of 4609 dunums of Yasuf is in area


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