LRC lens documents expansion works on Bruchin colony

LRC lens documents expansion works on Bruchin colony

Violation: colonial expansion
Location: the towns of (Kfar ed-Deirk, Bruqin, and Surta)/ Salft governorate
Perpetrators: Bruchin colonists
Victims: farmers of the towns


For the third week in row, the ravaging works in Bruchin periphery have been undergoing. According to the LRC field follow-up, the bulldozing acts reached out more than 140 dunums planted with olives where more than 150 aging olive trees were uprooted. The Roman trees were moved to the colony after being uprooted. Change the Palestinian history and claim it Jewish is a new crime to be added on the occupation list.

   It should be mentioned that the targeted lands are located nearby the colony and were confiscated in 2001 for the sake of adjoining them as the security zone for Bruchin. As a result, a large number of farmers could not access their lands and benefit from the corps.



Photo1: Bruchin undergoing expansion workds



Explanatory map of the expansion


Bruchin under imminent threat:

The mayor of Bruqin Mr Nafiz Barakat, about the colonial plans, to the LRC researcher stated that: “on 20/06/2014, the occupation advertised  a master plan for expansion on Bruchin attached with an explanatory map. The plan said to confiscate around 700 dunums from the towns of Kfar ed-Diek, which are located on the natural blocks no.2 of different locations namely (Sosya, Bruqin, al-Fajir, al-Thuhor,Surta, and al-Wajih al-Qabali). The confiscation was intense in the security zone of the colony. The Israeli occupation depended on the Ottoman laws of lands in confiscating fields that have not been planted for at least ten years, taking into consideration that the occupation banned farmers to access their olive fields under the pretext of security purposes. For further information about the advertisement, please read through the Monitoring Israeli Violation team – LRC report ( a master plan for expanding Bruchin colony ) on 20/06/2014.

Object the order:

Mr Nafiz Barakat to the LRC researcher asserted that: “ a demur was submitted to object the master plan to expand Bruchin colony at the expense of the village farmers. The demur was filed by attorney Yousif Jabarin in coordination with the Legal Department of Salfit governorate but the occupation is still procrastinating in making any decision that convicts colonist and the so-called Israeli Planning Supreme Committee”

Barakat also said: “the occupation is racing time in stealing and Judaizing the Palestinian landmarks in synchronization with the delay in making the final decision about the master plan”

The occupation contradicts all the international conventions:

According to most of the international conventions, the occupation does not have the right to use the lands of the occupied and does not have the right to change its historical spots. Given the aforementioned, the occupation contradicts all laws mentioned in Geneva and the Hague Conventions. Bruqin lands confiscation is a living evidence on the occupation brutality and crimes in the area.

About Bruchin:

Bruchin was named after Bruqin village on which the colony was built. The colony's area –until 2009- was 480 dunums and its built-up area was 266 dunums. After 2009, the colony ever expanded as colonists are offered protection and security and allowed to confiscate lands, harass farmers, and attack trees. (source: Geographic Information System).

For further information about what has Bruqin been going through, please read the following reports issued by the Monitoring Israeli Violations Team :

  •  A plan for expanding Bruchin colony on 20/06/2014 (Arabic).
  • Opening a new colonial bypass and uprooting 13 olive trees on 23/09/2013 (Ar, Eng)
  • A residence notified with stop work order in Bruqin on13/09/2013 (Arabic)
  • Expansion works on Barqan colony in Bruqin on07/09/2013 (Arabic Eng)
  • An Israeli plan to build 550 outposts in Bruchin colony on 10/06/2013 (Arabic)
  • 40 agricultural lands of Bruqin village ordered to be evacuated on (Arabic)
  • The occupation frequently notifies lands with confiscation in Bruqin village on 02/01/2012 (Ar, Eng)
  • A mosque set on fire in Bruqin on 15/10/2011( Ar,Eng)
  • Torching 340 fruitful trees in Bruqin on 15/10/2011 (Ar, Eng)
  • Even schools and mosque were served demolition orders in Bruqin  on 15/06/2011 (Ar, Eng)
  • Bruqin village served a number of stop work orders  on 15/06/2011 (Ar, Eng)
  • The occupation notified two houses with stop work orders on 26/03/2011 (Arabic)
  • A rapid expansion on Bruchin colony in Bruqin village on 01/02/2011 (Arabic)
  • Bruqin village served a number of stop work orders on19/11/2008 (Arabic)
  • The occupation deposits a new master plan  in Bruqin (Arabic)
  • Colonies sewage pollutes the lands of Bruqin on 10/06/2008 (Arabic)




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