During a chase: the occupation demolishes a house in Qablan town- Nablus governorate

During a chase: the occupation demolishes a house in Qablan town- Nablus governorate


Violation: the occupation torn down a house during a chase
Date: August11, 2014
Location: Qablan town- Nablus governorate
Perpetrators: the army of the Israeli occupation
Victims: a number of Qanlan residents


At dawn of August11, 2014, a massive force of the Israeli occupation raided the area of al-Hawooz, east of Qabaln town in Nablus governorate and assassinated Zakaria al-Aqra’ (23); who is an activist in Fatih political party.

It is marked that the occupation surrounded the house of the assassinated brother named Mouhanad al-Aqra’ but the target was hiding in a nearby area. Noteworthy, the house is originally owned by Citizen Souhaib Amleh.

During the chase, the occupation demolished a part of the house using a military bulldozer ignoring kids and women presence inside of it. Those who stayed in the house were harmfully injured and traumatized as a result of the occupation brutality where the rest of the house was majorly damaged.

Photo 1: the demolished house

Barbaric actions against the International Humanitarian Law:

The policy of demolition is one of the occupation’s distinguished non-humanitarian activities that have started ever since the occupation of 1967 as a kind of collective punishment for Palestinians.

The pretexts under which most of the demolitions came were as follows: security purposes, unlicensed construction, Israeli policies contravention, closeness to a colony, closeness to a bypass road.

Despite all the international calls Israel to stop the demolition policy, yet the West Bank and East Jerusalem are still undergoing daily demolitions. In 2004, the UN Security Council  called on Israeli to stop house demolitions according to the resolution no. 1544/2004 stating the following:

“Calls on Israel to respect its obligations under international humanitarian law, and insists, in particular, on its obligation not to undertake demolition of homes contrary to that law”.

What we see on the real ground is that Israeli denied all the international conventions and acted against them in a non-humanitarian way.

About Qablan:

It is located 9km to the southeast of Nablus city. From the east, there is Bita , and from the west there are Yitma, al-Sawiya, and al-lubban el-Sharqia. Jourish, ousrin, and Aqraba are there from east where Telfit, Qutyot and Jaluod are there from the south.



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