Trees cut off by “Maale Israel” colonists in Bani Hassan village

Trees cut off by “Maale Israel” colonists in Bani Hassan village


Violation:  cutting off fruitful trees
Date: July14, 2014
Perpetrators: Maali Israel colonists
Victims: farmer Rafiq Aasi


On July14, 2014 and within the frequent assaults against the olive tree, the colonists of Maali Israel, located on the lands of Bani Hassan village, west of Salfit, cut off  four olive trees aging no less than 30 years. Sharp tools were used to violate these sacred trees.

The targeted trees are planted at the entrance of Maali Israel colony nearby the bypass road no. 50. Noteworthy, the affected trees belong to farmer Rafiq Bashir Aasi(54years) from the village of Qarawat Bani Hassan.

Photo1: an affected tree at the entrance of the colony

Environment destruction and farmers’ rights denial

The mayor of Qarawat Bani Hassan; Mr Shawkat Rayyan to LRC observer stated that: “Maali Israel is considered a factor of pollution on the Palestinian nature”. Rayyan also pointed out: “the colonists of Maali Israel pumped high- pressure sewage water into the valley located next to the colony. Sewage hazards arose affecting fruitful trees in addition to stinky smell and flies affecting negatively human health and bio-diversity as well."

Photo2: the colony of Maali Israel

Rayan asserted: “the Palestinian District Coordination Office DCO informed, several times, the Israeli side but with no favor
esult rendered. Furthermore, colonists took over an agricultural land forcefully and denied farmers access to their agricultural land located in Qarawat Bani Hassan and Serta villages to pick their olive. Despite the coordination during the olive harvesting, colonists never stopped harassing framers but also sent them out of their lands.

About Maali Israel:

The colony is located atop of the hill aligned with Kiryat Netafim which is founded on the lands of west Salfit governorate villages namely (Serta and Qarawat Bani Hassan).

It is marked that all colonists inhabiting the colony are of oriental origins, especially form Yemen. According to their sectarian belief, they tend towards extremism and zeal against all that is Arab.

The colony was established in 1997 where it started as several caravans. In early2000, colonists embarked constructing new “permanent” residences that are increasing with time. Noteworthy, the construction of the residences were carried out randomly in terms of area.


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