A Palestinian Child Abduction Attempt in Yatta

A Palestinian Child Abduction Attempt in Yatta

Violation : An attempt to abduct a child

Date: 07/07/2014

Location : Al Zawydeen Al Ka'abna village, Yatta/ Hebron governorate

Perpetrators : Jewish colonists

Victims : Child Hani Ka'abna



On 07/07/2014, colonists attempted abducting a 14-year old child named Hani Ka'abna from Al Zawydeen-Ka'abna, east of Yatta town. The child related to LRC researcher that he wanted to follow his brothers who were sheep grazing at the village's edges. At 10 am, when he was on the street next to "Karmiel" colony, a car pulled over and two of the passengers stepped down calling on him to stop but he fled running towards his brothers while the driver remained inside. The child confirmed that: "The colonists chased after me for an estimated distance of a half kilometer and then they went back to the car taking the bypass road number (317) northward, heading to Hebron."

The thirty- year old Mohamad Ka'abna, the child's cousin, who was on the bypass road(317),  said that he watched a blue  Skoda speeding suspiciously in a way that attracts the attention . When he returned to the village and heard of what had happened with his cousin, he immediately linked what he watched with Hani's narrative. Hani description further confirmed that it was the same car heading speedily to the north .

It should be mentioned that this assault occurred simultaneously with the abduction of the child Mohamad Abu Khadir from East Jerusalem who was murdered and burned  alive on the backdrop of extreme colonists avenging the death of three Israelis.

Citizens of Al Zawyeen –Al Ka'abna village fear that colonists would commit other revengeful acts especially that the inhabitants  are near a number of  colonies.



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