A car torched and hatred-enticing slogans written on walls

A car torched and hatred-enticing slogans written on walls


Violation: burning a car and painting racial writings on walls

Date: 28/07/2014

Location: Beitello/ Ramallah governorate

Perpetrators: Nahliel colonists

Victims: Citizen Iyad Eid


At the early hours of Monday 28/07/2014, the first day of Eid al-Fitr (feast of breaking the fast), a group of right-wing Nahliel colonists sneaked into Beitllo  village and targeted a house located in the area of al-Thahrat, east of the village and 1km away from the aforementioned colony. Colonists also set fire to a 1997 Kia Lanos using diesel. In addition, colonists wrote racist slogans and drew David star on the walls of a house located next to the torched car. The slogan translates “the tax of throwing rocks”. The car and the house belong to Citizen Iyad Eid from Beitillu.

Photo1: the targeted car

The village undergoes a renewed policy:

It is indicated that the policy of targeting cars is a renewed one conducted by greedy colonists within the Israeli agenda of ongoing violations against Palestinians. The town has been going under too many assaults such like attacks on cars. For example, on 30, 05/2014, a group of “price taggers” wrote hatred enticing slogans on the walls of Samer al-Jaber’s house and pierced the tires of his car. Despite that al-Jaber submitted a complaint for the Israeli Police; the police department did nothing in that regard.

For more information about the Israeli violations against Beitillu, please read through the following reports issued by Land Research Center:

  • 56 olive sprayed by chemical substances and damaged 21/10/2013( Arabic)
  • 590 olive trees torched 03/06/2013 (Ar, Eng)
  • Three cars targeted and hatred enticing slogans writing on walls 0106/2013 (Ar, Eng)
  • 20 trees damaged by Nahliel colonists 25/04/2013 (Arabic)
  • 73 olive trees destroyed 13/10/201 (Arabic)
  • 120 trees sabotaged by Nahliel colonists 20/08/2012 (Arabic)
  • 21 olive trees sabotaged in Beitillu 06/07/2012 (Arabic)
  • 100 olive trees uprooted in Beitillu 02/05/2012 (Arabic)
  • 250 olive trees damaged in Beitillu 19/04/2012 (Arabic)
  • 75 olive trees destroyed by Nahliel colonists 10/03/212 (Arabic)
  • 47 fruitful olive trees sabotaged 26/10/2011 (Arabic)
  • 32 olive sabotaged in residents lands 25/05/2011 (Arabic)

About Beitillu:

The village is 19km to the northwest of Ramallah city. It is considered the biggest of all Ramallah villages in terms of land area. From the east, there are Beir Zeit and al-Mazra’a el-Ghrbyih where from the west, there is the green line. al-Nabi Salih is there from the north and Ras Karkar and al-Janyih are there from the south.

The area has a population of 4500 and known to have a number of water springs. The percentage of youth is relatively high in the village. Beitillu is inhabited by a number of families namely (al-Bzzaz, Zyadah, Badir, Darwish, and al-Khatib) and is famous of plantation; especially, olives, almonds, citrus, and figs. Noteworthy, the village has more than 2000dunums suitable for plantation.




Prepared by
 The Land Research Center

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