Revava colony pumps high pressure sewage water in Qarrawat Bani Hassan

Revava colony pumps high pressure sewage water in Qarrawat Bani Hassan


Violation: damaging 5 agricultural dunums by sewage water
Date: May 6, 2014
Location: QarawatBani Hassan- Salfit governorate
Perpetrators: Revava colonists

Victims: farmer Ahamad Rayyan


Ravav colony, located to the southeastern part of Wad Qana, is an imminent threat on the environment and a source of hazards on the nature. Despite all calls on the colony to stop the sewage network leaking, yet colonists ignored and left it as it is for the harm it causes to the Palestinian nature and human.

Not only that, colonists pumped sewage water in Wad Qana fields killing tens of fruitful trees . On May6, 2014 Revava colonists pumped high pressure sewage water in the agricultural lands of al- Wajh al-Qabali area that is part of Qarawet Bani Hassan. As a result, five dumums were polluted and three trees dried down to death where nine others were partially affected.


Photos 1-2: damages caused by the sewage water

The sabotaged trees belong to farmer Ahmad Rayyan(56) from Qarawat Bani Hassan. Rayyan to the LRC observer stated that: “he submitted a complaint to the Israeli Civil Administration which in its terms made promises that have never kept “.

The mayor of the village to the LRC observer asserted that: “the act of pumping sewage water was not the first time; colonists pretended that there is a leak from the sewage network and that is followed up by the specialist authorities. As the village council, we know that what they pretend is not true since we submitted a lot of compliant to the Israeli side to help us stop the problem but with no result to be rendered. Colonists proved their extremism by pumping the sewage water during the rainfall season and that is to spoil the soil and the harvested rainwater in the valley”.

The hazards of sewage water were intensified the most in the soil causing it to become unsuitable for plantation due to toxic elements. Flies and rats spread out in the valley carrying different diseases and illnesses.

About Revava:

Revava colony was established in 1991 on the lands of Deir Istya in Salfit governorate. It has a total population of 703 people and built-up area of 436 dunums. The colony is now considered a threat on the surrounding fields and agricultural lands for the sewage water it pumped in there. It changed the surrounding areas from captivating nature into a waste dumb.



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