Expansion works on Migdalim colony

Expansion works on Migdalim colony


Violation : expanding Migdalim colony
Location: Qusra village- Nablus governorate
Date : April 1st, 2014
Perpetrators: Migdalim colonists
Victims: Qusra villagers


In synchronization with the ongoing Palestinian- Israeli negotiations that is under the auspices of the U.S.A , the colonists of Migdalim, that is located on the natural block no.4 of Qusra lands, have been ravaging vast areas; especially the security zone of the colony for the sake of adding new outposts initiating a new colonial quarter. Until today, more than 60dunums were confiscated to achieve that colonial plan.

In 2001, the Israeli occupation army confiscated around 90dunums from the surrounding lands of Migdalim colony for the sake of adjoining them to its security zone as claimed in the military order issued at time. Three years later, colonists expanded deep down  in the lands by using it for agricultural purposes.  Palestinian farmers were denied right to land and plantation as result .

Photo1: the expansion works on Migdalim

The occupation, after twelve years from confiscating the lands and declaring it inaccessible to its legitimate owners, decided to build new outposts within a new colonial quarter. Obviously, the colonial plan of lands confiscation aims at more Palestinian lands takeover.   

About Migdalim:-

It should be marked that the colony of Migdalim was founded in 1948 on the confiscated lands of Qusra and Jurish villages in the suburb of Nablus city. The colony was expanded three times in size due to the unrest that was caused by the second Intifada. Now, the colony populates around 560 colonists.( source: Foundation for Middle East Peace)


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