Demolition of a Palestinian House in Jerusalem

Demolition of a Palestinian House in Jerusalem


On April 29, 2014,  the bulldozers of the occupation municipality demolished a house in at-Tur town owned by Mahmoud al -Maslamani  under the pretext of unlicensed construction on a land reserved for a road project. The demolition was based upon a resolution by Israel Ministry of Internal Affairs (Interior).   

The house consists of residential barracks, 50m2 in area each, inhabited by three members: the citizen Mahmoud al- Maslamani along with his wife and son.  

Al-Maslamani asserted to LRC field researcher that: " [the two barracks were built a year ago for the sake of inhabiting  the land owned by the family. While preparing for living in the structures, the occupation municipality came to the place and photographed both, pinning a demolition order on them. Our attempts for  stopping the demolition failed until  the municipality forced us to  demolish the structures by ourselves under the pretext that the barracks had been built on a land confiscated since 2000 designated to open a new roadstreet.]". 

On March 13, 2014, I carried out the occupation municipality order; I demolished one barrack and kept the other until we find another shelter.

In the morning of April 29, a massive troop of police and SWAT broke into the place surrounding it with no entry and exit allowed. Some furniture was salvaged before the bulldozers brought down the place.  

Verbal  altercations took place between the family and the police which, in its turn, assaulted the citizens and detained the owner's son named Omar al- Maslamani. The family losses are estimated to be about 100.000 NIS.    


Scene of the demolition operation



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