A residential room leveled in Shuwaika

A residential room leveled in Shuwaika


Violation : Demolition of a residential structure 
Location: Shuwaika neighborhood- Tulkarm governorate
Date: 07/04/ 2014
Perpetrators: The Israeli occupation army .
Victims : A citizen named Khaled al-Mihdawi


Shuwaika neighborhood woke up, Monday , April 07, 2014, on  military vehicles surrounding a residential room in the area before embarking on leveling it.

The room is adjacent to the Segregation and Separation Wall, northwest of Tulkarm city. The room, 20m2 in area, belongs to Khaled al-Mihdawi (73) and inhabited by him and his daughter. The room was built 12 years ago with cement and concrete.

Al-Mihdawi received a stop-work order on the structure on July 02, 2013 only to be confirmed on November 06, 2013 before pulling the room down, making the father and daughter homeless as a result.

Hajj Khaled al-Mihdawi asserted the following to LRC observer:

"I received two demolition orders on the room last year but my deteriorating health status as I suffer from a severe disease in the spine as well as bad economic situation prevented me from applying to obtain a building permit at Beit El court. The result was the loss of our home, now that my only daughter and I are shelter- less."

Picture 1: The stop-work order

Picture 2: The "additional opportunity to object a demolition order" notification

Pictures 3: The destroyed room


Al-Mihdawi added that: "We lost all our agricultural land after the establishment of the Segregation Wall. I lost 23 dunums of land used to be planted with vegetables and field crops. After the Wall was constructed, nothing was left to me except the room I inhabited. And now after its demolition, I do not have anything except the mercy of Allah." 

Nonstop notifications:

 Shuwaika neighborhood, located in the north of Tulkarm and follows it administratively, witnessed nonstop orders on its structures since the beginning of May 2013. Thirteen houses nearby the Separation Wall were notified with stop-work orders under the pretext of  unlicensed construction. The Wall has secluded vast areas of the neighborhood of Shuwaika and devoured about 35% of its agricultural land. 



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