58 olive seedlings uprooted in Ras

58 olive seedlings uprooted in Ras


Violation: Tilmon colony uprooted 58 olive seedlings in Ras Karkar
Date: April19, 2014
Location: Ras Karkar- Ramallah
Perpetrators: Tilmon colonists
Victims: farmers Abdel Latif Samhan and Azmi Samhan


At evening of Saturday April19,2014, a group of Tilmon extreme colonists sneaked into the northern part of Ras Karkar in the area known as Beir Aneer and uprooted 58 olive seedlings aging 5 years each. It should be mentioned that colonists used sharp tools to sabotage the trees.

The targeted Beir Aneer is located 105km to the south of Tilmon colony and 3km from the built-up area of Ras Karkar.

It should be marked that this area has been witnessing, especially during plowing and harvesting season, frequent targeting acts such like cut off trees and assaulting framers. The reason behind denying farmers access to their lands is to confiscate more area and adjoin it to colonies for the favor of their expansion. Noteworthy, 69 olive trees were cut off in the exact same location which would prove the colonial plan of expansion.




Photos of the olive assault

The targeted trees belong to both farmers Abdel Latif Samhan and Azmi Samhan from the village of Ras Karkar, east of Ramallah governorate.

The following table shows the damages resulted by the trees cut off :




Area in dunums

No. of seedlings

Nature of damage

Abdel Latif Samhan





Major damage

Azmi Samhan





Major damage





58 seedlings


*Source: Field Research- Monitoring Israeli Violations Team- Land Research Centre (LRC). 

Citizen Abdel Latif Samhan(37) to the LRC observer stated that: “ they- the affected- submitted complaints to the occupation Police about the latest assault but with no resultfavor to be rendered. Colonists have been going on the harassments with no one to stop them”.

About Ras Karkar:

It is located 13km to the northeast of Ramallah city and has a total population of 1800 people who fully depend on agriculture and governmental jobs.

It is indicated that the village as most of the Palestinian villages has witnessed lots of assaults acts by colonists, the worst of which is the establishment of Tilmon colony in early 80s. It is notable that the colony confiscated, at the expense of the village, hundreds of dunums during the past decades for the favor of the colony’s expansion.



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 The Land Research Center

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