The Israeli occupation confiscates four caravans in the northern part of the Jordan Valley

The Israeli occupation confiscates four caravans in the northern part of the Jordan Valley

Violation: Confiscation of caravans

Date: 17/02/2014

Location: The Jordan Valley- Tubas governorate

 Perpetrators: The Israeli occupation army

Victims: Families in the Valley


On February 17, 2014, forces of the Israeli occupation raided the northern part of the Jordan Valley, Kardala to be more specific, where the occupation confiscated four caravans donated by MA'AN Development Center funded by the United Nations Development Fund for Women, commonly known as UNIFEM, with a budget of 12 thousand dollars.

The confiscated caravans had just arrived to Kardala by a contractor and they were meant to be given away to four charitable organizations for women in Bardala, Kardala, Ein Al Baida, and Marj Na'aja in the northern part of the Jordan Valley. The caravans were to be used as stalls to promote homemade food made by women in the marginalized rural areas. That was part of a program designated to help poor families. But the Israeli occupation, as usual, does not hesitate to harass Palestinians living in the Valley, whether by confiscating their lands, rangeland and natural resources or by demolishing houses and displacing them. Let alone destroying all aspects of life in the region.

What is happening today in the Jordan Valley is ethnic cleansing. Confiscating the caravans means harming no less than 24 families in their sources of income. It should be remarked that the caravans were planned to be put in an area classified "B" according to Oslo Accords where PA is in charge of civil matters with Israel responsible for security. Besides, the caravans do not pose a security threat to the state of Israel and they are not stationery so there is no need to demolish or destroy them. The Israeli occupation in confiscating the caravans only meant to pester people and harass them in their sources of income and lives.


Picture 1: Kardala gathering in the Jordan Valley


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