Colonists o f Itamar destroy 71 olive trees

Colonists o f Itamar destroy 71 olive trees

Violation: Chopping down 71 old olive trees

Location: Khirbet Al Yanon- Nablus governorate

Date: 05/02/2014

Perpetrators: Colonists of Itamar

Victims: A farmer named Izzat Al Masri


On Wednesday, February 05, 2014, Izzat Al Masri (56) along with his family visited their land in Wadi Al Yanon, 1500 away from Itamar colony, only to be shocked at the sight of destroyed trees. 71 olive trees were cut down with sharp tools. The trees are around 90 years old, that means a lifetime of taking care of them was rendered futile. The trees were also irreversibly and totally damaged.

Al Masri comments on the onslaught:" I own 21 dunums in Wad Al Yanon, north east of Aqraba. After I lost my job in the green line, the land became my source of living. I plant it despite the colonists' and soldiers' harassments. I consider the havoc they wreaked upon my trees as a revengeful act to my recurrent visits of the land. They just do not want us here."


Pictures 1-6: the targeted trees

It should be remarked that it is not the first time the agricultural lands in the region come under attack. During the past five years, tenths of attacks were recorded- Attacks such as stealing tools, setting fire to crops, breaking into houses and harassing residents.

About Khirbet Yanon:

Yanon is 15 km to the east of Nablus city. There is not any road network that connects the village to the city except the old road which was renovated only lately. The street leads to 'Aqraba village. The village borders extend to reach 'Aqraba, Beit Furik, and 'Awarta villages. To the east there is Makhola colony and by-pass Road 90. The total area of the village is 16,000 dunums including 1,668 dunums built up area.

According to Palestinian official sources, there are 102 people living in the village, most of them belong to Bani Jaber and Marar clans.  Some of the residents are refugees originally from the occupied village of 'Ajur which was occupied and destroyed back in 1948. Itamar colony has been expanding on the village lands as it took over more than 503 dunums from the village till now. (Source: Aqraba municipality)

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