The kid Akram Bani Minyeh: a victim of military camps leftovers

The kid Akram Bani Minyeh: a victim of military camps leftovers


Violation: a kid injured severely

Location: Khirbet al-Tawil


Perpetrators: the army of the Israeli occupation

Victims: the kid Akram Bani Minyeh (9)


Since the beginning of the occupation in 1967, the authorities of the occupation invested all effort to put hands on the Palestinian Jordan Valley through declaring major parts of the area buffer zones and military zones. Some parts of the lands were transferred into shooting fields and mines fields.

The kid Akram Bani Minyeh, playing in the nearby, became a victim of the Israeli non-stop greed. At noon of Monday 20/01/2014, the kid, while playing in the fields, was attracted to a strange object left in the used-to-be Israeli military camp, which turned out to be a sound bomb that exploded in his hands. Hospitalized in the ICU of Ramallah governmental hospital for 15 days, Akram has his right leg severely injureddamaged and the left of his body harmfully affected.

The aforementioned incident is one of many that area and its residents witnessed lately. Injured and martyred kids and elderly were documented not mentioning those who became handicapped as result of explosives left in the populating areas such like al-Ghoor.

The occupied Jolan (Golan Heights) is also a spot where mines and explosives were left threatening the lives of many. The occupation asserted that more than 200,000 dunums including nature reserves and water resources are planted with mines all over Palestine.

The area of the lands planted with mines increase annually due to the floods that move the mines with the flooding water to the nearby lands and locations. Al-Ghoor is considered an area intense with mines. Kids, usually less cautious and of less physicality than adults, are highly threatened by mines. Coming from the fact that kids graze sheep in the Palestinian suburb, they are more likely to get close to colonies where mines and explosive are left threatening their lives. 

Photo 1: kid Akram Bani Minyeh



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