Demolition of a barrack In Deir Samit, Hebron governorate

Demolition of a barrack In Deir Samit, Hebron governorate


Violation: Leveling a structure 

Location: Deir Samit, Hebron governorate   

Date: 20/01/2014

Perpetrators: The Israeli Civil Administration and army 

Victims: Salama Abu Zneid


On January 20, 2014, the Israeli occupation leveled a barrack and two rooms that belong to civilian Salama Abu Zneid from Deir Samit, west of Hebron city.

Abu Zneid stated to LRC field researcher that at 6a.m., a force of the Israeli army, police, and officers of the Civil Administration riding a bulldozer, broke into the east entrance of the village where they embarked on destroying the barrack and two rooms after granting Abu Zneid a short time to take contents out of the rooms.


Pictures 1+2: The structure before demolition


Pictures 3+4: The structure after demolition

The 90m2 barrack was built on a 2.5 dunum piece of land in 2005 to be used for collecting and sorting out junk while the two rooms were used as offices of the employees working on that.

Picture 5: Damage inflicted upon the two rooms

The bulldozer ravaged a large quantity of junk found in the barrack and surrounding area.

On October 20, 2013, Abu Zneid found a final "stop-work and demolition" order placed near his structures. According to the order, the Israeli authorities sent Abu Zneid a  previous stop-work order on July 10, 2013.

It should be marked that the destroyed barrack was considered a source of income to Abu Zneid's 11-member family, including 6 children in addition to five workers.

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