1300 dunums takeover in JeinSafout

1300 dunums takeover in JeinSafout


Violation: Israel Land Department put hands on 1300 dunums
Location: JeinSafout- Qalilya governorate
Date: 22/01/2014
Perpetrators: Israel Land Authority  
Victims: residents of JeinSafout


On Wednesday of 22/01/2014 and according to al-Quds newspaper, the so-called Israel Lands Authority ”Government Property Department” declared intentions to take more than 1300 of Jeinsafout lands for the favor of the nearby colonies of Karn Shomron and Nevi Menahim. According to the newspaper add, the government Property Department claimed that the lands are state property and should be registered under their property.

The 1300 dununms are located on the natural blocks no. 6 and7 of Jeinsafout lands namely( Khallet al-Bal’, al-Dhryeh, al-Qarnin esh-Shami, el-Qarnin el-Qabli, and Ras Bshr).Noteworthy, the aforementioned areas have been declared inaccessible to Palestinians since 2000 under the pretext of proximity to a colony orand colonies security zones. Also, the bypass road no.55 is part of those lands.

Photo1: the takeover newspaper add


Photo 2-4: the targeted location

It should be marked that the targeted lands have been planted with olives and were considered a source of living for most of the families of Jeinsafout. The takeover emphasized more colonial expansion of three times in size. The West Bank has been recently witnessing a wide-range colonial expansion in synchronization with a massive campaign of lands confiscation. Clearly, the occupation put all effort in looting lands in any unlawful means that is totally contradictory and against human rights and Geneva Convention and still posts lands purchase adds in the newspaper through fake agencies. During past January, Israel declared purchasing more than 23 pieces of land through fake agencies in Salfit and Qalqilya governorates. Lands confiscation under the pretext of military and security reasons was another method of land takeover.

About Jeinsafout:

16.938 km to southeast Qalqilya, Jeinsafout is located with a population of 2,119 people and a total area of 8,659dunums, 218 of which are built-up area. al-Foundoq and Hejih towns are there from the north and Emmanuel colony from the south. As from the west, there are Kfar laqif town and the two colonies of Karmi Shomron and Navi Manhim. Part of Emmanuel colony and the towns of Fra’ta and Amatin are there from the east.

Jeinsafout went through a series of colonial assaults that affected its unique geo-political situation. Lands confiscation under the pretext of military purposes that ended up as new outpost and bypass roads, was the method by which the colonial plan was implemented.

The village is surrounded by a number of colonies such like Ammuneil, Karni Shomron,, Nevi Oranium and outposts suck like Nevi Menahim and Ramot Jil’ad. The chairman of the village council to the LRC observer said that the aforementioned colonies and outposts have been controlling more than 40% of the village total land area and that has been a hindrance of developmental plans for Jeinsafout.



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