Beit El colonists torch three cars in Ramallah

Beit El colonists torch three cars in Ramallah


Violations: three cars burned down
Date: 31/12/2013
Location: el-Zera’a neighborhood
Perpetrators: Beit El colonists
Victims: three Palestinian families


At the early hours of Tuesday 31/12/2013, and in synchronization with the releasing of 26 Palestinian prisoners, a group of “Price taggers” set fire to three cars in the area of el-Zera’a nearby Beit El colony. It should be marked that colonists used flammable liquids to torch the parking vehicles causing them total burn down.

In the same context, the “price taggers” colonists wrote hatred enticing slogans and racist graffiti on walls of a house in that area. The slogans translate “there will be a war in Judea and Samaria area where Arab’s blood will be shed”


Photo1-2: the hatred enticing slogans

The following table shows the targeted cars:


Car brand

Nature of damage


Samir et-Talib

BMW 2004 

Total damage


Adel el-Nadi

Renault 2014

Total damage


Dawoud Nshashibi

Peugeot  1987

Total damage



It should be mentioned that area has witnessed many attack on cars parking on the side of the road by the right-wing extreme “Price taggers” colonists. This very group has been organizing frequent assaults on communities in the Palestinian suburb; especially in northern part of the West Bank. Price taggers violations reached out animals, humans, plants and trees, and even mosques. Noteworthy, the violations have been carried out under the protection of the army of the occupation, which as a matter of fact encourages them to do such things.



Prepared by
 The Land Research Center

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