Israeli Violations of Palestinian Rights in the Occupied City of Jerusalem – May 2013

Israeli Violations of Palestinian Rights in the Occupied City of Jerusalem – May 2013



The Monthly Summary of the Israeli Violation in the Occupied City of Jerusalem in April, Israeli Violations of Palestinian rights – May, 2013
House demolitions
Self destruct
Saladin Road
Nearby a checkpoint
Residential building
At Tur
Residence and 4-storey building
Jabal al Mukabber
Residential structure
Beit Hanina
Structures demolition
Protective wall
Old City
Mechanic shop
Car exhibition
Al Sheikh Jarrah
Demolition threats
Commercial shops
Old City
Attacks on Lands
Leveling lands (dunums)
Al Sheikh Jarrah
Pumping sewage
Al Nabi Samuel
Colonial Expansions
A caravan on Palestinian lands
Al Nabi Samuel
Colonial plans
At Tur and the Old City
Attacks on religious sites
Al Aqsa
Demolition Orders
Ras al Amoud
Offensive slogans
Old City
Colonists attacks
Attacks on Palestinian properties
Al Sheikh Jarrah


Right to Residence… House Demolitions
1- A Palestinian Forced to demolish a wall surrounding the roof of his residence
On May 14, 2013, Azmi al Afifi was forced to knock down a 1-meter-high wall that surrounded the roof of his residence; the wall has been standing for over 16 years.
"16 years ago, I built a house on the top of my parents house, the house’s area was 50 m2. The Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City forced to demolish the house but I kept a 1-meter-high wall for protection as the roof is high and children might fall down.  On April 23, 2013, I was called for a court session where the judge decided that I must also knock down the wall. I tried to explain to the judge why I kept it and that is it needed for protection but he did not seem to care. He ordered me to destroy it or else face the wrath of the Court. On May 4, 2013, I destroyed the wall but I will wait till the Municipality inspectors confirm before I place a fence in its place." Azmi remarked.



2- A family forced to demolish its own residence
On May 16, 2013, a Palestinian family was forced to demolish its own residence in Saladin Road in the Occupied City of Jerusalem. The house is 45 m2 in area and is built on the roof of Al Shareef building. It is property of Sahar Shareef. Sahar said: "the brick house was built in 1997 with a total area of 45 m2. It is inhabited by a 10-member-family which includes 6 children. In 1997, we received a stop-work order from the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City but we ignored it and continued construction. We received a demolition order under the pretext of unlicensed construction. We applied for a construction license but it was immediately rejected; the Municpality officials said that Saladin Road is a commercial one and construction for residential purposes is prohibited in the area. 17 years in Court rooms resulted in more fines and nothing has changed as we were forced to pay 130,000 NIS in fines. Last year, the Police arrested me and dragged me to the Police station where they accused me of disobedience and not complying with a the Court Order. The last Court session took place in April, 2013, where the Court decided that we must demolish the residence or face the consequences. On May 13, 2013, my husband and sons sorrowfully embarked on knocking down the walls of the simple residence and now we are all living in a room on a roof while waiting to find a better alternative. 


Remains of the house
3- The Israeli Occupation Authorities Demolish a Palestinian Residence:
On May 20, 2013, Israeli dozers demolished a section of a residence located nearby the military camp in the north eastern side of the Occupied City of Jerusalem. The residence is property of Tayseer al Sabbah and is inhabited by his son Mohammad’s family. The Israeli Occupation Authorities demolished several sections of the residence in recent years, 70 m2 in precise.  Tayseer said: "we have been living here since 1963, this area was considered a border area before the 1967 Occupation of the West Bank. After the Israeli occupation, all but eight families took refuge in other parts. In 1983, we received an eviction order on the pretext of residing in a border area. Since then, we received numerous eviction orders and have been harassed a lot by the Israeli Occupation Authorities measures which included cutting the water and power supply. They also offered us an "open cheque" to sell our houses. Our lawyer, Zyad Qi’war followed the case up; the case was labeled border areas. On May 20, 2013, I was at work when I received a phone call from my wife saying that a big Israeli force and two dozers are preparing to demolish the house. The house was turned into rubble within an hour and a half."
The residences in the area are close to the French Hill or what the Israelis call "Givat Tsarfatit"; the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City considers the residences and the surrounding 200 dunums as "public property" that is to be used for the establishment of more "Biblical Gardens". The Palestinians believe that the lands will be annexed to the colony in the near future.
Israeli dozers knock down two apartments:
On May 21, 2013, Israeli dozers demolished two residences in At Tur under the pretest of unlicensed construction; the residences are property of Al Shalan family and were built in 2002. Sahar Shalan said: "in 2002 we built two apartments, the big one is 120 m2 in area and was inhabited by my husband, 6 children and I while the small one was 60 m2 in area and was inhabited by my mother in law and her son. In 2006, we were handed a demolition order for unlicensed construction in addition to a 50,000 NIS penalty. On May 21, a large Israeli force accompanied by dozers leveled the building".
The demolition lasted for two hours, soon afterwards, the dozers moved to Jabal al Mukabber where they demolished 5 residences. Seven Palestinian families became homeless in an instant. 


 4- Israeli dozers demolish a residence in Al Mukabber:
On May 21, 2013, the Israeli dozers leveled a residence in Jabal al Mukabber on the pretext of unlicensed construction. The residence, property of Thaer al Qaq, is 110 m2 in area and was built over a 500 dunum plot. It was inhabited by Thaer, his wife, and their 2.5 years old baby.
Thaer commented on the attack, he said: "the house was built in 2000, during construction, officers of the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City handed us a stop-work order. After ten years in the Court rooms and numerous construction license applications I received nothing but 59,000 NIS in fines. On May 21, 2013, I received a phone call from one of my neighbors saying that a large Israeli force is preparing to raze the house. I rushed to the site and demanded speaking with the officer in charge; he told me that they are clearing the contents of the house in preparation for demolition. I had an argument with him before being pushed aside by the soldiers. At 9:00 am, the dozers razed the residence which cost me over 180,000 NIS to build. We spent the first night after demolition at my brother’s residence in Silwan and now I am looking for a house to rent".  


The house turned into rubble
5- Demolition of four residences in al Mukabber:
On May 21, 2013, the Israeli dozers demolished a building with four apartments; the apartments are property of:

Area (m2)
Family members
Mohammad abu al Dab’at
Raed abu al Dab’at
 (2 apartments)
Samer abu al Dab’at

Raed commented: "in 1930, the house was built to accommodate the family, 40 years later, my father added two rooms and a kitchen to the house; at that time, the Israeli Occupation Authorities accused him of unlicensed construction and ordered him to pay a fine or be imprisoned. He had no choice as he did not have enough money to pay the fine; as a result, he was imprisoned for 18 months. In 1990, we built a building with 4 apartments, 2 in each storey. 16 years later we received a demolition order and our presence was required in Court to discuss the situation. The Court fined us an amount of 160,000 NIS and ordered us to acquire construction license. We hired an engineer and prepared the needed documents but the application was rejected; the Israelis claimed that the land has already been confiscated for "public usage". So far, we have paid 152,000 ILS of the total amount of the imposed fine. At 11:00 on May 21, 2013, officers of the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City showed up with the intention to demolish the building; we objected saying that we have not received any demolition orders neither did our lawyer. They showed us a demolition order that was issued on October 15, 2012. The lawyer made some calls but only managed to postpone the demolition for three hours; at 14:00 the dozers embarked on demolition after clearing the contents of the building. During the demolition, Israeli soldiers abused my brother Samer and his brother in law who were beaten badly and dragged to detention center. We baled them out but now we are living at some relatives’ houses till we find a place to go to".

Samer beaten badly


A demolished section
6- The Israeli Occupation Authorities demolishes a residential building:
On May 29, 2013, the Israeli Occupation Authorities demolished a residential building in Beit Hanina to the north of Jerusalem; the building consisted of three apartments and has been property of Badwan Salayma and his sons.
Table 2: owners:
Family members
Area (m2)
Badwan Salayma
Abdul Bari Salayma
Alaa Salayma
Badwan said to an LRC observer: "the building was constructed in 2000, we bought a 2-dunum-plot and raised the building on it. In 2007, we added a new apartment to the second floor. In 2011, officers of the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City came and brought with them a demolition order saying that the structure was built prior to acquiring needed permits in addition to a 40,000 NIS penalty. We hired a lawyer and an engineer to prepare a case file and the needed maps. As soon as we paid the penalty, we were penalized an amount of 65,000 NIS and then another penalty of 96,000 NIS.  In a Court session in February 2012, the court ruled that the lands were already reserved for public usage and that construction is not allowed, implicitly approving the demolition order. Today, at 09:30 a large Israeli force closed the area and disallowed anyone from getting in or out before breaking into the house. The cleared the houses before the dozers embarked on demolition. When I got there, the soldiers prevented me from getting near and did not allow me to take out any of the contents of the houses".
The Israeli forces attacked anyone who came near with clubs and rifle buttocks; they also used sound and gas grenades to prevent people from gathering. Two Palestinian young men were taken into custody. 

Scenes of the demolition:

Dozers knocking down the building 

Israeli troops abusing Palestinians

Crying over her lost residence 

7- Demolishing Workshops in Hizma:
On May 29, 2013, the Israeli Occupation Army demolished two mechanic shops in Hizma; both garages are property of Awad Zaghloul who rented them to two Palestinians; Awad said: "both garages were built in 2002 and have been operated by 13 people. On May 29, 2013, a large Israeli force showed up and showed me a demolition order which I have never received. The dozers immediately began the demolition, they did not allow us to take anything out". Hizma has been targeted many times with demolitions due to its location nearby the segregation wall and the Israeli intentions to separate it from the Occupied City of Jerusalem.  

Demolitions in Hizma, The Right to Residence… Demolition threats
1- Demolition threats – Silwan
On May 12, 2013m Israeli troops broke into Wadi Hilwa neighborhood is Silwan before randomly distributing stop-work and demolition orders for five residences. Mahmoud Qara’in of Wadi Hilwa Information Center said: "on May 12, 2013, officers of the Israeli Municipality randomly distributed 5 demolition orders; one of the houses was built in the 1970s and is licensed. The orders did not have a number or a name".
The Israeli Municipality intentionally do not put names or addresses in these orders and simply hang them on a doorstep; many of these orders were lost because of that. The loss of such orders renders the owners of the targeted structures unaware of the threat, thus unable to respond.
2-Demolition threats – Beit Hanina
 An Israeli Court renewed the demolition order for al Manar building which is located in Beit Hanina. The 6-storey-building was constructed 10 years earlier. The owners were fined an amount of 1.4 million NIS.

1- Colonists seize two commercial shops in the Old City
A group of colonists broke into two commercial shops in the Old City of Jerusalem and assumed control over them; the colonists claim that the shops are property of a Jewsih family who owned them before 1948. The shops are property of the heirs of Ali Wazwaz who fought for years in Israeli Courts to prove their ownership. In the morning of May 27, 2013, a group of colonists accompanied by Police officers broke the locks of the shops’ doors before throwing their contents on the side of the road.  

Attacks on Lands:
1- Israeli Dozers Level Palestinian Property

On May 20, 2013, Israeli dozers leveled lands that were used as a car fair in Al Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the Occupied City of Jerusalem. The car fair is property of Mohammad al Jolani and is being operated by him and his brothers Samer and Amjad. The plot is rented from Kamal Ubeidat for over six years; its total area is 1.3 dunums and can fit over 65 vehicles. Mohammad al Jolani said: "at around 06:00; I received a call from an officer of the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City demanding that I move the cars out of the land so they can demolish it. I rushed to the site to see a large Police force surrounding the car fair; the officer in charge showed me the demolition order. My brothers and I moved the cars to a nearby place before the dozers destroyed the container which we used as an office, the gate and fences surrounding the plot. They also turned the plot upside down to ensure that no one will be able to use it again. 
3 years ago, we received a notification saying that the plot is property of the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City ; we assigned a lawyer to follow the case up but our efforts were futile. Now, we lost our source of income and over 200,000 NIS in estimated losses due to demolition".

There is no doubt that the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City intends to use the plot as a parking lot for colonists visiting "Al Sheikh Saadi Cave" or what the Israelis call "Tomb of Simon the Just". Large number of colonists visit the site every week and the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City is keen on allocating parking places for these visitors.
2- Pumping Sewage towards Palestinian lands
On May 12, 2013, colonists of the nearby Har Samuel colony pumped their sewage towards a 3-dunum-plot in An Nabi Samuel village, damaging all the plants and trees including 120 olive trees. It is noteworthy that the Israeli Occupation Authorities are plotting to capture An Nabi Samuel village which is inhabited by 300 Palestinians; the Palestinians are now allowed to build or even maintain their residences while a section of the village mosque was turned into a synagogue.
Colonial Expansions
1- A plan for a new railway
On May 1, 2013, the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City revealed its intention to build a new railway connecting At Tur with the Al Buraq wall (the so-called Western Wall) in the Old City. The new railway is supposed to serve 6000 people aday. The project is planned for 2015.
2- An Israeli colonist preparing takeover of a Palestinian plot:
On May 16, 2013, an Israeli colonists placed a caravan over a plot owned by Abed Baraket, the plot is located in An Nabi Samuel village. The owner said that a colonists showed up in the early morning hours driving a caravan into the plot which shows his intention to take over the plot. 
Attacks on Religious Sites         
1- Colonists attacks on religious sites:
On May 7, 2013, the Israeli Police at the gates of Al Aqsa Mosque allowed over 40 colonists, including members of the Likud Party, to enter the Mosque; at the same time, the Police banned several Palestinians including women and students from entering the Mosque. This started clashes between the Palestinians and the Police.
On May 8, 2013 the Israeli Occupation Army closed the doors of the Mosque and prevented the Palestinians from going in to make way for a group of colonists and members of the Knesset to have a tour inside.
On May 15, 2013, over 70 colonists broke into al Aqsa coming from Herod’s gate; they roamed Al Aqsa yard for fifteen minutes before leaving. Another group performed some rituals at one of the Mosque’s gates before trying to sneak into the Mosque; but the guards stopped them. On the next day, the Israeli Police allowed a colonists guided tour into the Mosque.
On May 19, 2013, a Jewish bride performed some rituals inside the mosque. This bride came into the mosque while being accompanied by a number of female colonists and under the protection of Israeli soldiers. When she got to one of the Mosque doors she removed her veil and performed some rituals.
2- Colonists pouring into Al Aqsa:
On May 8, 2013, the Israeli Police placed a number of checkpoints on the entrances of the Old City and intensified its presence there. The Police prevented Palestinians from getting into the Old City to allow the colonists to celebrate what they call "Jerusalem Unity Day"; the day the Israelis occupied the eastern side of the City (according to the Jewish calendar). The Israelis prevented the Palestinian who gathered at the entrances of the Old City from entering which started clashed between both sides. The Israelis tried to break the protesters by bashing them and using pepper gas. Some Palestinians were arrested as a result.

At the same time, the Israeli Police allowed over hundred colonists to enter the Mosque yards which increased the tensions and restarted the clashes in several areas in the Old City. The Israeli Police also arrested the grand Mufti Mohammad Hussein and dragged him to the Police station. A noon, groups of colonists roamed the City waving Israeli flags and dancing in a provocative manner; the Palestinians responded by gathering and waving Palestinians flags.
However, the Israeli Police dismantled the gathering using tear gas and sound grenades and by beating the Palestinian protesters. The Police also attacked the medical teams and Journalists who were threatened to have their cameras broken or confiscated if they do not leave.  

Palestinians gathering to protest on the Israeli measures 

One of the Palestinian victims  

The Israeli Police arresting Palestinians, brutally
3- Colonists want Mohammad al Fateh Mosque to be removed:
Colonists of Maale Zetem colony have been demanding the removal of Mohammad al Fateh Mosque since May, 2011. The Mosque serves over 15,000 Palestinians considering that it is the only Mosque in Ras al Amoud neighborhood. A member of the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City who happens to be a residence of the colony has been campaigning for the demolition of the mosque in news networks and social media. Since March, 2003, Maale Zetem has been using power generators which are banned in the Occupied City according to the Municipality rules. However, the colonists, who seem to be above the law, are free to use them despite the noise and pollution. 
Recently, the Israel Central Court ordered the demolition of a 70-m2 section of the mosque while claiming that it is unlicensed construction and neglecting the fact that the mosque was built in 1964, 3 years before the Israeli Occupation of the city. Sabri abu Diab, the Imam commented: "the threatened section was amended 4 years ago to accommodate the increase in numbers of worshippers and to form a place for religious lessons and gatherings. The Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City ordered the demolition of the mosque because it was built prior to acquiring the required permits and disturbing the dead Jews in the nearby cemetaery."
The Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City ordered the demolition of the mosque in 2012 but the order was appealed in Israeli Courts; however, the Central Court overruled the appeal and considered its order as a permit for the Municipality officers to carry out the demolition whenever deemed convenient.

Mohammad al Fateh Mosque
4- Colonists attack a church:
On May 31, 2013, a group of radical colonists attacked Dormition Church just outside the walls of the Old City by writing offensive statements describing Jesus Christ and Christians as "monkeys" and "slaves". The assailants were members of the so-called "payback" group which has been responsible for numerous attacks in and around the West Bank. They also wrote similar statements at the gate of the nearby cemetery.
Colonists Attacks
1- The Annual "Jerusalem Unity Day" march through the streets of the Occupied City
The Israeli Police made its intention to block the vital and lively Solomon Road on May 8, 2013 public claiming that it intends to clear the way for the so-called Jerusalem Unity day march. The Police ordered the owners to close their shops from 05:00 till 21:00 threatening them of arrests if they do not comply.

Every year, the Israelis mark this day by marching through the streets of Jerusalem while calling for Arabs heads and more discrimination and expulsions of the Arab citizens. They also attack and destroy Palestinian properties, cars, shops, etc. The Israelis intend to send a message to the whole world that Jerusalem is one City and that is it the unified capital of the "state of Israel". 
2- Damaging cars and writing offensive slogans
On May 29, 2013, a group of colonists spread into al Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood before puncturing the tires of four cars in the area. Hamad Issa, said that surveillance cameras recording show that at 03:17 colonists appeared puncturing the tires of four cars, a Mazda ,a Peugeot, a Ford, and a Citroen and wrote "revenge for Avitar". Avitar is a colonists who was killed near one of the checkpoints in the West Bank a month earlier. The police took fingerprints and a copy of the surveillance cameras tape to investigate the matter.
Other Violations
1- The Israeli Occupation Authorities closes down three commercial shops in Hizma:
The Israeli Occupation Authorities closed down three commercial shops located at the side of the main road, near the checkpoint separating the town of Hizma from Jerusalem. The shops are a mechanic workshop, tires shop and houseware shop. The shops are 250 m2 in area and are all property of Abdul Aziz al Khatib. The owner said: "the shops are my and my father property, the fisrt shop was built in 1993 while the others were built two years later. In 2011, we received demolition orders for the three shops under the pretext of unlicensed construction. This morning, the Israeli Police came here and closed down all three. We are afraid that this a step towards demolition of the shops knowing that many commercial shops were demolished around the area. There is now way we can get a construction permit because the Israeli Authorities considers the area as a closed military zone".




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