The Israeli Occupation Tears down a Warehouse in Ramallah

The Israeli Occupation Tears down a Warehouse in Ramallah



Violation: Demolishing a shed

Date: 19/04/2013

The Victim: A citizen named Fawwaz Safi


On April 19, 2013, an Israeli Force consisting of 6 vehicles and a bulldozer raided the eastern part of the village of Deir Dibwan . The Israeli occupation forces demolished a shed made of tinplate used as a garage in the village. The warehouse belongs to Fawwaz Safi, a father of eight, six if whom are children. Mr. Safi stated to LRC field observer that, "I built the warehouse in the summer of 2010 where I used it for repairing vehicles. The garage was issued a warrant in September 2010. The occupation was determined to tear it down under the pretext of having unlicensed construction in the area classified 'C' [1]according to Oslo II Interim agreement of 1995, which was signed between the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Israel. So I lost my only source of income." 

The Israeli occupation doesn't hesitate in demolishing houses and making people homeless. It takes advantage of the expired Oslo Accord to carry out destruction operations on houses and industrial and agricultural places. This goes hand in hand with the ever- growing expansion and construction operations on colonies in West Bank.

It is noteworthy to know that Deir Dibwan is 7km to the east of Ramallah. It has a town council that represents 3 towns, the largest in population of these is Ramon.

Its area is 1700 dunums, most of it is used for agricultural purposes. The olive tree is the most common. The population of the town is estimated to be around 6,000 according to 2009 census.

Area C: falls under the full Israeli control, security and administrative.





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