The Israeli authorities uproot and confiscate 450 trees in al-Dahiriya village

The Israeli authorities uproot and confiscate 450 trees in al-Dahiriya village



Violation: uprooting and confiscating 450 trees

Date: 09/04/2013

Location: al-Dahiriya village

Perpetrators: Israeli troops and the Civil Administration

Victims: Sami and Mohammad Jabarin


The Israeli authorities uprooted and confiscated trees on April 09, 2014 from lands owned by brothers Sami and Mohammad Jabarin. Noteworthy, the lands are located in the area of Modaimnah, south of al-Dahiriya village/ Hebron governorate.

Sami asserted that a force of Israeli troops and policemen accompanied by workers and trucks have surrounded his land and embarked on cutting down the trees and moving them to the truck. As a result, 450 olive and almond trees aging between 3-5 years were cut down. The trees were planted within the activities of "Make Palestine Green" project on a plot of 12 dunums in area. More importantly, after cutting down the trees, the troops sprayed a chemical substance on the roots to stop their growth.



Photos1-4: signs of the cut down trees

The following table shows information about the trees:


Type of tree












Brothers Jabarin intended to protect his land from colonial expansion through planting it with trees especially from the colony of Gal Elite which is located in the nearby.


Photos 5-7: the colony of Gal Elite

Jabarin pointed out that the authorities of the occupation have previously served him an evection order on the land under the pretext of it being "State land" but he actually refused to believe that nonsense.

As for the targeted land, it is a mountainous plot located to the southern side of al-Dahiriya , the eastern side of Arab al-Ramadin, and next to the road linking the village to the Bier al-Saba' crossing. The land is preciously founded within the natural block no.5 , plot no 854.

In a similar context, citizen Zakari Iwraidat asserted that Israeli authorities and the Civil Administration served him stop-work orders on his residences and barns in the area a year ago.

 Photo 8: a view of Jabarin and Iwraidat structures


Iwraidat pointed out that the reason behind such Israeli activities in the area are for the sake of expanding Gal Elite colony at the expense of Palestinian lands.

The family of citizen Iwqraidat includes 8 members where Jabarin family includes 14 one. The two families complained about the dust and explosions  coming out from the colony, knowing that the colony is originally a stone quarry .



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