Capturing 3 Dunums in Jalama

Capturing 3 Dunums in Jalama




Violation: the Israeli Occupation Army intends to capture 3 dunums for the expansion of Jalama checkpoint.

Location: Jalama village, Jenin.

Date:  March 14, 2013.

Victim: Khaled abu Farha.




On March 14, 2013 the Israeli Occupation Army handed Khaled abu Farha, a Palestinian farmer, a confiscation order for 3 dunums of Khaled’s lands for security reasons. According to the order, numbered T/34/03, the Israeli Occupation Army will assume control over 3 dunums of lands in Jalama; the lands edge the 1948 armistice line. 



Picture 1: military order T/34/03


Khaled said: ‘the purpose of the order is the expansion of Jalama checkpoint which has been carried out over two phases; 2 years ago the Israeli Occupation Army confiscated 8 dunums and now another 3 were captured with the objective of consolidating the racial policies of the occupation’.


It is a step indicating the permanent status of the wall because this checkpoint is considered one of the main gates in the wall. 



Picture 2-3: Jalama checkpoint


It has been a constant source of suffering for Palestinians who are forced to cross it to attend their businesses on the western side of the wall.



Picture 4: the segregation wall in Jalama





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