Colonists Ravage 40 Trees in Beit Awwa

Colonists Ravage 40 Trees in Beit Awwa


Violation: ravaging 40 olive trees.

Date: February 24, 2013.

Location: Joret Mah’al in Beit Awwa – Hebron.

Victim: Mohammad Al Sweiti.




On February 24, 2013, colonists ravaged olive trees in a field located in Beit Awwa town near Hebron; the field is property of Mohammad al Sweiti, 70. The victim said: ‘I was heading to my field which is adjacent to the wall when I saw that branches of 40 trees were broken; besides, the grape bowers were destroyed too’.





Picture 1-7: the attack


The owner accused colonists of the nearby Shekev, which is located to the west of the wall. It was obvious that bare hands were used to cut the branches of the trees, mostly 40 years of age. Al Sweiti filed an official complaint via the Palestinian Coordination Office.



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