The Israeli violations in the Occupied City of Jerusalem during the month of November 2012

The Israeli violations in the Occupied City of Jerusalem during the month of November 2012


Demolishing a carwash in Hizma The Occupied City of Jerusalem


On November 1, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Army demolished a carwash in Hizma town on the pretext of unlicensed construction. The Israeli dozers demolished the structure built of metal slabs and roofed with sackcloth before plowing the 300-m2-plot where it stood. The owner said: ‘I built the carwash two months ago to enhance the economic status of my family. As soon as it was done, Israeli troops showed up and placed a stop-work order on the door; the order demanded my presence in the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration office in Beit El at 9:00 am on November 4, 2012. However, on November 1, 2012, a large Israeli force showed up and set a perimeter around the carwash before demolishing it. My losses were around 20,000 ILS‘.


The owner, Othman abu al Hilo is a taxi driver who sought to improve the living conditions of his 7-member family. The carwash was operated by Marwan Dakhl-Allah, 21, which is the sole supporter of his family..



Remains of the carwash – Hizma



Demolishing Commercial Structures in Hizma The Occupied City of Jerusalem


On November 1, 2012, the iox demolished a number of commercial structures in Hizma on the pretext of unlicensed construction. The demolition campaign targeted a car accessories shop (50 m2), spare parts shop (50 m2), and a container that was used as a car mechanic shop. The structures were the property of MInwar al Khatib, 38, married and a father of two. Mohammad al Khatib, the owner’s nephew said: “these structures were built of bricks and metal slabs 3 years ago. 8 months ago, officer of the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration handed us a demolition order for these structures which was justified by unlicensed construction. On November 1, 2012, Israeli troops showed up, set a perimeter around the area and gave us one hour to clear the contents of the structures. Soon afterwards, the dozers razed them. While the demolition was taking place, Israeli troops attacked the owner who tried to stop the advancement of the dozers; they sprayed him with pepper gas before throwing him on the floor. They also beat his sister “Dalal” who also tried to stop them”. The demolition campaign took over two hours.



Remains of a shop



A Family Forced to dismantle its Own Residence The Occupied City of Jerusalem


On November 11, 2012, Suleiman family was forced to dismantle aroom which was recently added to their residence, located in Al Ashqariyya neighborhood in Beit Hanina, due to threats from the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City. The room was 45 m2 in area, built of bricks and sealed with wood. 13 people including 7 children inhabited the house.


The brother of the owner said: ‘3 and a half years ago, my sister built the room using the simplest of materials. However, as soon as the construction was completed, we received a demolition order. We assigned an Israeli lawyer to take up the case and try to issue a license for the house. The lawyer charged us over 75,000 ILS in fees. 6 months ago we tried to contact her but there was no answer; we went to her office to find out that she fled because she was wanted for fraud cases. We filed an official complaint against her but in vain. On January 21, 2012, we received a notification from the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City sating that we either remove the room or face the consequences. We had no other choice but to dismantle it ourselves because the penalties would have been huge. On November 11, we razed the room which cost over 80,000 ILS’.




The Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City forces a Palestinian to demolish his own residence


On November 12, 2012, the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City forced Ali Radayda, 32, to demolish his 70-m2-residences located in al Ashqariyya. Ali said: ‘my family and I live in a small house which is in a very bad condition as the roof leaks. I considered constructing a new house with a total area of 70 m2. I started the construction in September. 24 days later, I was notified to stop construction. On November 5, 2012, officers of the Municipality handed me an administrative notice ordering me to demolish the residence within 72 hours or they will on my own expense, a process that will cost me around 50,000 ILS.  Since I cannot pay that amount, I sorrowfully decided to destroy my own house using a dozer that I hired for two days‘.


The owner estimated his losses to be around 40,000 ILS. The right to residency for the Palestinians has been taken away from them; it is a right that Israelis violate on daily basis. Ali Radayda is one of hundreds who were forced to demolish their own residences; it is a double crime considering the material and immaterial damage it imposes on Palestinian families. 



Forced to become shelter-less –



Dabash family was forced to demolish a building sheltering three families


On November 30, 2012, Dabash family was forced to demolish a two-story-building which was inhabited by 3 families, 17 people. The first story was property of Mohammad Dabash, 50, a father of 6. his apartment was 100 m2. The second floor was property of Muneer Dabash, 42, married and a father of 7.


Ammar Dabash, grandson of Mohammad, said: ‘the building was constructed 18 years ago, my uncle and father built it. However, the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City handed us a demolition notification issued on the pretext of unlicensed  construction. They also penalized us an amount of 70,000 ILS. As a result, we applied for a construction license. However, the case was postponed several times until a demolition order was issued.  The Municipality claimed that a road is to be opened in the area but I say that there isn’t enough space for opening a road there. the Municipality handed the lawyer the demolition order with a respite till January 5, 2013; however, they informed that this will cost the family an amount of 80,000 ILS.  On Friday, 23, my uncle Muneer knocked down the inner walls and on the next Friday, we hired a dozer to destroy our own house before removing the rubble; the demolition cost us an amount of 10,000 ILS. After demolition, my sister picked a purple rock, a piece of her room’s walls and kept it beside the key of the house. Now, three families reside in 130-m2-residence till they find another alternative.’ 


Aggressions on Religious Sites

Despite Exemptions Since the Ottomans Era

The Israeli Water Company demanding that the Church of Holy Sepulcher pay its debts!


One of the most important churches in the Occupied City of Jerusalem, the Church of Holy Sepulcher is being forced to pay its water consumption bills despite being exempted by Ottomans in an order that all the previous regimes respected. As a result, the Israeli Government decided to impound the funds of the Church. It started in 2004, when the Israeli Government decided to privatize the water and sewage service in Jerusalem and granted ‘Gigon’ company the right to do so.


One of the first things the company did was demanding from the Church to pay its water bills; something that left the officials in the Church in a complete shock since they have been exempted over a century ago. The Water Company is demanding a total of 9 million ILS from the Church.


The Archbishop considered this as a disrespectful act and an attack on the church; he called that the service be cut and called all the people coming to the church to bring water to the church whenever they visit.


Changing names of streets and neighborhoods in the Occupied City:

ContinuousJudization of the City


The Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City is readying itself for a massive campaign to change the names of streets and neighborhoods in Jerusalem upon colonists’ request. The campaign will focus on Silwan where colonization intensifies. Table 1: changed names:


Original name

Alternative Hebrew name


Eir David


Maale Ariel

WadiHilwa street

Maalot David

Al Ein Street

Gubera David

The road connecting WadiHilwa and Herod’s gate


Al Sarafandi



Fakhri Abu Diab, a member of Silwan Defense Committee, commented: ‘the Israeli Municipality aims to wipe off the Arabic origins of the City, especially in Silwan in accordance to certain Zionists beliefs. this is done upon the requests of colonists residing in the colonial neighborhoods in East Jerusalem. This plan, if executed, will officially change the Arabic names into Jewish and Zionists ones, all the official documents will be addressed based on the new names. We suggested that we change the names of Arabic towns, neighborhoods, and streets but we found out that the Municipality refuses ‘hostile’ names. They rejected calling a street Mahmoud Darish but did not mind Um Kalthoum‘. It is obvious that the Occupiers are insistent on the Judization of Jerusalem by any means neccessary.


This project has been put in place since the establishment of the so-called State of Israel in 1948 when David Ben Gurion, a leader of the Jewish Zionist groups, called for erasing the Arabic names in Jerusalem and not to recognize the Arabic spiritual connections.


Attacks on Individuals

Dismantling Crowds using firepower

A series of aggressions by the Israeli forces against Palestinian protests


Many Jerusalemites protested against the Israeli brutal attack on Gaza by demonstrating in the streets and neighborhoods of the Occupied City. The Israeli forces responded by beating, arresting, and even shooting at Palestinians, injuring many. They also prevented people from getting to the Al Aqsa Mosque. The Israeli forces responded viciously to the protests which took place all around Jerusalem, mainly in Qalandya, Ras al Amoud, Silwan, Al Ram, Shu’fat, and the Old City. They used tear gas and rubber bullets to refrain the angry Palestinians who were peacefully trying to show their objection to the ongoing war on Gaza. Several injuries were recorded, 90 of them were hit by rubber bullets that targeted the upper half of the body. The Israelis also unleashed the ‘Mustarebin’ force which is a group of police officers, dressed up in civilian clothes, who penetrate the crowds and arrest them from within. The force arrested a child in Al ‘Isawiyyah while dressed up as medics.


On Fridays, November 16 and 23, the Israeli Forces prevented Muslims less than 40 years of age from entering the Al Aqsa Mosque Courtyard, forcing thousands to pray in the streets. They also provoked the worshippers by lengthy id checks and detentions. On November 15, the Israeli Occupation Authorities suppressed a peaceful demonstration nearby Damascus Gate. They also broke into Al Hakawati theatre and banned an act that was made in support to the people of Gaza and called for the stoppage of the Israeli ethnic cleansing. The Israeli Occupation Authorities also prohibited the board meetings on the pretext of security and preventing demonstrations.


The ‘Mustarebin’ force arrest a child in Silwan:


On November 13, 2012, Mahmoud Uweida, 15, was arrested while walking down the street in Silwan. Mahmoud said: ‘on November 13, 2012, I went out at around 19:30, I was going to cut my hair. While walking down the street, a blue Skoda suddenly stopped beside me; a man got off the car and tried to catch me but I ran out of fear because I did not know who he was or what he wants. I ran for about forty meters before I feel and he caught me. He held me to the ground, tied my hands and dragged me to the car. Three other were sitting in the car. The guy told me that I was spotted on CCTV cameras throwing rocks at soldiers and I am arrested for that. They covered my face, held it tight to the seat and he kept his hands on my head. The car stopped and they made me get off; I found myself standing in a parking lot somewhere. I waited there for thirty minutes before a Police car showed up. They handed me to the Police who but a black bag on my head. I stayed in the car for a long time before they let me out to find myself standing across Saladin Road Police Station; it was 22:00. At 2:00 in the next day, they took me to the interrogation room and I saw my father following us. The Police detective asked me ‘why did you run from Police officers?’ And I said that I did not know that they were. He accused me of throwing rocks at soldiers and told my father that I will be detained till standing before the Magistrate Court in the morning. On the next morning, they set me free without standing before a Court but told my father that I must serve five days of home arrest’.


The home arrests and exiles committed against children is an extremely dangerous policy as it detaches the children and impairs his/her education.



Mahmoud Uweida



Continuous sabotage

Colonists ravage Palestinian cars in Shufat


On November 25, a group of colonists attacked a number of Palestinian cars in Shufat; the assailants wrote racial and offensive slogans on the car and called for taking revenge from the Arabs. The assailants signed ‘Price tag’ which is a group of radical colonists that carried out numerous attacks against Palestinian people, property, and religious sites. Several attacks took place in the area as colonists punctured car tires, burnt fodder, sabotaged a cistern, and took away fences.


The locals demanded from the police to investigate the attacks and told them that they can spot the assailants if they saw them. However, the Israeli Police did not pay the least of attention or even investigated the attacks. They also warned the locals of clashing with the colonists if they showed up and told them to call the police when an attack takes place knowing that they Police never shows up on time.




Picture: scenes of the attack






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