Payback Strikes Once More in Majdel Bani Fadel Village

Payback Strikes Once More in Majdel Bani Fadel Village



Violation: colonists of the so-called ‘Payback’ group set two cars ablaze.

Location: Majdal Bani Fadel.

Date: December 20, 2012.

Victims: Khaled Anan.




On December 20, 2012, Israeli colonists sneaked into Majdal Bani Fadel village in Nablus before setting two cars ablaze and writing a number of offensive slogans on the walls of a house. The colonists signed out ‘payback’ which is a group that has been responsible for numerous attacks against the Palestinians and their properties in recent months. The targeted cars were a 1986 Mercedes and a 1979 Fiat, both were the property of Khaled Anan.



picture 1-2: torched cars 



picture 3: slogans


The colonists also tried to pull out the grids of the house and sneak inside it; fortunately, they failed. The wife of the owner said: ‘ I was awaken by a strange sound in the back, my children were sleeping and my husband was sick and asleep; it was a bit cold and I felt lazy to get up. However, in the morning we were shocked to see the slogans and the torched cars. It was even worse to see marks of attempted break-in. The car is our only source of living; we are a 6-member family with two daughters who are handicapped‘.



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