Demolishing a shack in Bardala

Demolishing a shack in Bardala



Violation: demolishing a shack with a total area of 320 m2.

Date: December 4, 2012.

Victim: Fawwaz Sawatfa.




As part of the ongoing Israeli war on the Palestinians’ right to live on their lands, on December 4, 2012, Israeli dozers knocked down a shack which was used to store crops and agricultural equipment. The shack was property of Fawwaz Sawatfa of Bardala.



picture 1-2: the remains of the shack


The shack is 320 m2 in area and has been used for agricultural purposes only. it is located on the main road leading to Bardala. Mr. Mohammad al Mallah, the legal advisor in Tubas Governor Office, said: ‘there is a war waged against the Palestinian existence in the Jordan Valley area and the ccrime that has been recently committed proves that. demolishing a shack that was used for agricultural purposes only shows the Israeli intentions to destroy the Palestinian agricultural sector and everything that benefits the Palestinian people.


The Israeli claimed that the shack was destroyed because it is located in area classified ‘C’ according to Oslo Accords.



picture 3: the nearby Bisan checkpoint




It is located to the north east of the Jordan Valley, 24 km to the east of Tubas. Its total area is 31000 dunums, 7000 are isolated behind the wall, 350 dunums of built up area, 250 dunums of green houses, 100 dunums of water fed trees, and 54 dunums that were confiscated for the opening of bypass ’90’. Almost 12,000 dunums are used for rainfed agriculture and the rest are used for grazing.


2154 people inhabit the village (2009 Census), 99 % depend on agriculture and herding in their living.



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