continuous Bulldozing in Jubara

continuous Bulldozing in Jubara

Israeli dozers are currently leveling huge areas of Jubara’s lands in a process intended to isolate the village from its Palestinian surroundings using the segregation wall.




picture 1-3: Jubara under siege


Jubara’s suffering:


The Israeli Occupation Authorities embarked on the construction of the segregation wall around Jubara in 2002 where they built it to surround the village from the sides. The construction of the wall section around Jubara (4.15 km lond and 70-80 meters wide) resulted in the destruction of over 150 dunums of agricultural fields.


It also resulted in the imprisonment of 350 people, the residences of the village who were deprived from the basic services since they are forced to pass through an Israeli-controlled gate, the only way in or out of the village. The wall around Jubara has two gates, 22, which was open till August 22, 2006 and 753 which is open 24 hours a day but only the residences of Jubara are allowed in or out.


The construction of this section was approved by the Israeli Supreme Court in 2007 after an appeal was put in place by the residents of Jbara in 2002, demanding the dismantle of the wall. The Court ordered the stoppage of construction in the eastern side of the village and replacing that part with another one to the west of the village, isolating it from lands occupied in 1948.


In 2008, Jubara village council received a military order, numbered T/90/04 and signed by the Israeli Army Higher Commander in the West Bank, informing the council of the confiscation of 587 dunums alongside 700 m2 from western Jubara for the placement of the wall.


However, according to LRC GIS unit, and after thorough study of the enclosed maps, they came out with the result that 644 dunums are to be confiscated.




picture 4-6: order T/90/04



The construction of the new section had started in May, 2011; so far, 6.01 km are already in place while the length of the sector according to the unmodified plan was 4.15 km. According to Jubara’s village council, the new section is to isolate 1750 dunums of the village lands in addition to 2000 dunums of Al Ras, Kafr Sor, and Kafr Jammal villages. In addition, over 350 people have been isolated from their surroundings since 2002.




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