Continuous Blockage of Rantis Entrance

Continuous Blockage of Rantis Entrance



Violation: continuous blockage of Rantis entrance

Location: the western entrance of Rantis village – Hebron.

Date: December 12, 2012.




The western entrance of Rantis has been closed by the Israeli Occupation Army since 2000 despite tens of pleas to reopen it. The Israeli Occupation Army claim that the closure is for ‘security’ reasons. The locals are forced to use an alternative, unpaved route to get to nearby towns or villages.


Head of Rantis Village Council said: ‘Rantis western entrance is vital and old, it has been the village entrance since the Ottomans rule; there is also a British Police station there. However, the Israelis have been trying to forge the history of the village so the turned the station into a gas station and blocked the road. At the same time, they enlarged the colonial bypass connecting Beit Ari and Ufarim colonies .








Rantis is located 25 km to the north west of Ramallah; it is inhabited by 3000 people although many people of Rantis have immigrated throughout the years. The village holds a number of archeological sites, the likes of Deir Ala, Barish, Deir Qulla, Al Ras, etc. Its total area is 31000 dunums with a 412-dunum organizational plan.






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