An Israeli plan to enlarge bypass 57…

An Israeli plan to enlarge bypass 57…


On January 19, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration, Higher Organization Council, advertised plan (3/823) which includes modifications of bypass 57 which connects the Israeli colonies of Avni Hefetz and Innab with areas inside the green line. The plan includes enlarging the bypass and increasing its width. Surely, the expansion will be carried out on the expense of Palestinian lands as parcels 7, 9, and 11 will be targeted.

The owners were given 60 days to object to the plan but they were required to provide ownership deeds and surveyor plans which is next to impossible due to the fact that the lands are owned by extended families and not individuals.

Innab checkpoint was placed in 2000 with a purpose to detach a large number of Palestinian communities knowing that it is placed on the road connecting Nablus to Tulkarm.

It is worthy to mention that the Israelis expanded the checkpoint itself recently by adding a number of passageways and inspection rooms which reflects their intention to keep the checkpoint for a long time.


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