Setting Three Cars Ablaze in Beit Ummar – Hebron governorate

Setting Three Cars Ablaze in Beit Ummar – Hebron governorate

Colonists of Kfar Ezyon set three Palestinian cars ablaze in Beit Ummar. Yousuf abu Maria, an activist of the 'National Colonization Resistance Committee' stated to an LRC observer that the owners were awaken on November 9, 2011 over the sound of flames consuming their cars. One car was completely burned while the others were partially damaged.



Picture 1-4: targeted cars


He also said that the locals tried to put the fire down before it causes further damage. He also pointed that the colonists wrote offensive slogans in Hebrew on the walls.


Picture 5-7: offensive slogans


The Israeli Occupation Police and Army set a perimeter and started an investigation. One of the Police officers told the owners of the cars that a group of 'radical' colonists of Kfar Ezyon committed the attack.


Table 1: victims:





Habis Bregeith

Subaru Justy


Yousuf Bregeith

Peugeot 104


Suhail Bregeith


*Source: field visits – Monitoring Israeli Violations of Human Rights Unit – LRC


Bregeith family has been staying in 'Al Thagra' area for decades. However, it seems that the colonists are trying to drive them out in order to pave the way for milling a colonial road that will penetrate the Palestinian lands and even houses.



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