Betsael colonists killed 73 sheep in Fasayel region Jericho District

Betsael colonists killed 73 sheep in Fasayel region Jericho District



  • Violation: 73 sheep being killed.

  • Location: Fasayel Al-Foqa village north of Jericho.

  • Date: November 15, 2012.

  • Victim: The farmer ‘Akef Mahmood Muhammad Al-D’aja.

  • Perpetrator: Colonists of Betsael.



The farmer ‘Akef Al-D’aja, who is responsible of a family of 12 members 3 of which are handicapped, lost his income when the extremist colonists of Betsael had spread poison in the prairies near Bedouin families in Fasayel Al-Foqa region, the result was that 73 sheep were dead. These sheep were the source of income for the farmer ‘Akef Al-D’aja who suffers from hearing disability and from weak eyesight so he cannot work to support his family.


Like all other stories, the citizen ‘Akef’s story reflects the hard life that lead the inhabitants of the Jordan Valley who are targeted by the occupation who practices the worst racial discrimination in the modern history, in order to evacuate its people and facilitate the colonial expansion.


On the opposite side, hundreds of policemen, occupation forces, colonists’ guards and nature rangers break into the prairies and confiscate the cattle, especially cows, claiming that these are closed Israeli military zones or State Lands…


It is to be mentioned that sheep in the Jordan valley represent 70% of the red meat in the West Bank in addition to being a source of income for hundreds of the Bedouin families; that is why the occupation decided to destroy this sector. The plans of the colonists and the Occupation Army aim at destroy the Palestinian presence and the Palestinian citizen’s dignity in the Jordan valley, the citizen who witnesses the demolition of his house, the displacement of his family and the robbery of his land, water and cattle – his only source of income- and even the prairies that are all targeted by the colonists under the under the protection of the consecutive Israeli governments.





Photos 1-5: grazing sheep in Fasayel Al-Foqa




Photo of a general view of Fasayel Al-Foqa village








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