Ravaging 11 fruitful olive trees in Deir Al-Hatab village in Nablus District

Ravaging 11 fruitful olive trees in Deir Al-Hatab village in Nablus District


  • Violation: Ravaging 11 olive trees (30 years old) partially.

  • Location:Khilet Ismail – Deir Al-Hatab Nablus District.

  • Date: November 17, 2012.

  • Victim: The citizen Anis Abed Ismail.

  • Perpetrator:AlonMoreh colonists.



Targeting the current olive harvest season, on Wednesday 17th of November 2012, an extremist group of colonists from AlonMoreh colony cut and ravaged 11 olive trees in Deir Al-Hatab village east of Nablus. Noting that the colonists used sharp tools to ravage the olive trees and that they made use of the evening hours while farmers were not in their farms to carry out their attacks.


The 30 year old partially ravaged trees are owned by the farmer Anis Abed Ismail (45 years) from Deir A-Hatab village east of Nablus.





The targeted land had been targeted several times by colonists from AlonMoreh colony by a distance of no more than 1km from the targeted land. Mr. Abdul Karim Hussein (41 years), Head of the Village Council in Deir Al-Hatab, confirmed that lands in Deir Al-Hatab village are grossly targeted, as colonists use all horrible ways and means to destroy the agriculture sector in the village, not to mention the continuous threats of the colonists and their confiscation of the farmers’ lands in order to expand the AlonMoreh colony.

He also added that during the past few years, Deir Al-Hatab village witnessed many attacks carried out by the colonists against the farmers that caused permanent disabilities for some of them, for example the farmer Mustafa Ahmad Al-Zamel who was shot by the colonists during his presence in his land in the year 2008 which caused permanent movement disability; they also ravaged the trees and stole olives in addition to sewage pumping during olive harvest season and confiscating lands in the village in order to expand the colony.


AlonMoreh Colony:


AlonMoreh colony, located on the north-eastern hills of Salem, Deir Al-Hatab and Azmoot villages, is considered a source of worry and unrest for many farmers in the mentioned villages. Since 1979, when the colony was established, the villagers suffer from a daily struggle with the occupation such as chasing the herdsmen in their lands, detaining the cattle, preventing farmers from benefiting from their lands in addition to cutting electricity off intermittently through destroying electricity network that provides the village with electricity and confiscating about 389 dunums of Deir Al-Hatab lands. Part of the colony is established on Azmoot village lands, it has 1097 colonists, and has an area of 1,214 dunums.





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