Colonists of Adi Ad Ravage 71 Olive Trees

Colonists of Adi Ad Ravage 71 Olive Trees


Violation: ravaging 71 olive trees.

Location: Jabal al Amwat – Al Mughayyir.

Date: October 10, 2012.

Victims: Rafid and Abdallah Na’san.

Perpetrators: colonists of Adi Ad.




The Olive-picking season has been a festive season for Palestinian; it is a season were all family members of almost every Palestinian family celebrate while picking. However, since the Israeli Occupation of Palestine; the olive picking season became a season of misery and despair due to the Israeli attacks on olive fields and farmers in addition to the theft of crop and equipment. The colonists target the olive trees for its symbolic importance to the Palestinians.


On October 10, 2012, colonists of Adi Ad ravaged and cut branches of over 71 trees, all more than 20 years of age. The trees were located in an area known as Jabal al Amwat nearby the colony of Shilo. The attack on the olive trees reflects the colonists brutal mentality that spares neither man nor tree. The trees were property of Rafid  Na’san (41 trees) and Abdallah Na’san (30 trees).



Picture Ravaged trees



Faraj Na’san, head of al Mughayyir Village Council, said: ‘the colonists are targeting olive trees in the area; last year they torched some year at the same place. They also stole part of the crop. We filed several complaints against the colonists but none of them were heard.


Al Mughayyir, an overview:


Al Mughayyir is located 22 km to the north east of Ramallah; it is inhabited by around 2900 people according to the PBS statistics conducted in 2010. Most of the village agricultural fields are located in its eastern parts; its total area before the Israeli conquest of the West Bank was 33,000 dunums. However, the Israelis announced most of the Jordan Valley region into a military zone excluding more than 27556 dunums from the village total area.


The Israelis had also planted mines and deployed forces in the area preventing herders from being anywhere around. The village is surrounded by numerous Israeli colonies making it a constant target to the Israeli colonization lust. It surrounded by Tumer, Jiljal, Piza’il, and Netev Hagidod (east), Shivut Rahel and Shilo (west), Niran, Yutaf, and Kohav Hashahar (south), and Ma’ale Avraym and Mijdalim (north).




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