Stop-work orders for agricultural structures in ‘Atoos.

Stop-work orders for agricultural structures in ‘Atoos.



Violation: stop-work orders for agricultural structures in ‘Atoos.

Date: September 5, 2012.

Location: ‘Atoos, western Beit Ulla.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.

Victim: Jamal al-Amla.




On September 5, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Authorities served Jamal al-Amla stop-work orders for agricultural structures in ‘Atoos. The order numbered 148349 and entitled ‘stop-work order’ was issued by the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration and demanded immediate stoppage of construction.



The order also set October 11, 2012 as the date for a hearing session to be held in Beit El Military Court to decide on the fate of the structures while indicating that the owner still have a chance to apply for a construction permit for the so-called ‘Inspection Subcommittee’ although it will not guarantee acquiring one.


The owner indicated that a Israeli Occupation Civil Administration officer placed the order on the targeted structures and took pictures of it. He added by saying: ‘the officer who brought the order threatened me of confiscating my cattle if I did not show up in court’. He indicated  that he brought the permit application and handed the case to INSAN center for Democracy and Human Rights to follow up his case. The order was designated for:


  • Barn: stony walls covered with tarpaulin with a total area of 300 m2 it was built over 40 years ago.


Picture 1-2: threatened barn

  • Well: a 100-m3-well dug in stone; it was also built over 40 years ago. 


Picture 3-4: targeted well

  • A shack built of rocks and cement and roofed with metal slabs; its total area is 40 m2 and was rehabilitated in 2012.



Picture 5-6: targeted shack






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