Megron Colonists aggressively attack a Palestinian farmer while visiting his land

Megron Colonists aggressively attack a Palestinian farmer while visiting his land



  • Violation:  Megron colonists attack a Palestinian peasant while checking his land.

  • location: Hood Helwe Area near Mikhmas village

  • Date: 25th September 2012

  • Victim:  Abdul Kareem Moayekel (Abu Ali)



While taking a peak at his beloved land, which he did not reach for long time (due to the Israeli embargo on it) Hajj Abdul Kareem was surprised to see a group of colonists from Megron near settlement unjustifiably attacking the trees on his land. As a normal reaction, “Abu Ali” (61) tried to defy all the blockades in his way to reach his land which he has taken care of all of his life as if it is one of his children.


When he got there, he was surprised to see the destruction this group of colonists has caused. What made things worse for Abdul Kareem is that a group of about 20 colonists began attacking him hitting him everywhere with blunt instrument which caused several fractures and bruises in different parts of his body.  





Farmer Abdul Kareem Moaykel is recovering after being assaulted by Israeli colonists.



After being attacked by the colonists, Israeli soldiers delivered Abu Ali to the” Palestinian Civil Coordination Office “in order to take him to Ramallah health centre.  It is worth noting that this is not the first time a farmer and/or a land in Mekhmas village being assaulted by Israeli Colonists thus this behavior has been repeated several times in the village. Moreover, the colonists attacks has no consideration for age or gender. For instance, last year, a group of colonists attacked Aysha Mohammed Khalil (82) causing here a number of fractures and bruises which she still suffers from till now.


The Palestinian land has also been a subject of colonists’ violation including cutting and burning trees, and plowing the land in order to change its features. In addition to that, the Israeli Occupation Army has declared the area as a closed military zone stopping Palestinian farmers from getting to it, while allowing Israeli colonists to freely roam it and exploit it. 





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