Israeli Settlers of Revava Set Palestinian Lands Ablaze

Israeli Settlers of Revava Set Palestinian Lands Ablaze




Violation: colonists of Revava set 12 dunums of Palestinian lands ablaze.

Date: August 30, 2012.

Location: Wad al Shami area – Wadi Qana.

Victim: Mamoun Dawoud.




Mamoun Dawoud (76) of Haris is Palestinian who owns 32 dunums of lands 2 km to the west of Haris. His lands are adjacent to Revava colony and are planted with olives and other seasonal crops. Recently, he suffered from two physical abuses while being in his lands; the first took place in August for no apparent reason, other than working in his field and the second was in when colonists tried to open a road that penetrates his field and he was attacked while trying to stop them.


On August 30, 2012, a group of colonists set his field ablaze before fleeing the scene. The locals rushed into the area to stop the spreading flames despite the extreme movement restrictions and the lack of roads due to the Israeli measures. The raging flames consumed around 12 dunums of land and ravaged 64 olive and 4 fig trees.


Revava was established in 1991. Nowadays, its total area reaches up to 2800 dunums including 300 of built up area; inhabited by 827 people. (*source FMEP). Since its establishment, the colony has been obstructing development of Deir Istiya in general. 



Picture 1-2: Revava in the heart of Wadi Qana



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