Extending the control over vast areas of lands in Awarta and Burin villages, Nablus Governorate

Extending the control over vast areas of lands in Awarta and Burin villages, Nablus Governorate


Violation: extending the control over 675 dunums and the confiscation of 8 others.

Location: north of Awarta and east of Burin.

Date: September 12, 2012.




On September 12, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Army handed farmers of Awarta and Burin two orders extending the Israeli control over lands that were previously captured. The Israelis claim that the targeted lands are ‘State properties’.


In the northern part of Awarta, the Israeli Occupation Army handed the locals order number (T/60/02), entitled ‘ laying hand over lands – extension and border modifications’ while claiming that the targeted lands, located in parcel 9 in an area known as ‘Mighraqa’ are state property. The order covered an 8-dunum area.




Picture 1-3: a photocopy of the order



Picture 4-5: the targeted location


It must be noted that the order was issued in 2002 and has been extended for the second time in a row. The targeted lands have been used as a military encampment nearby Awarta checkpoint. On the other hand, the Israeli Occupation Army handed another order extending the control over 667 dunums located in an areas known as Al Loh, An Najma, and Ad Daher claiming that the lands are ‘state properties’.


 The targeted lands were the location of a Jordanioan military base that was abandoned after the 1967-war; now it is the location of an Israeli Huwwara military base which has been the starting point of hundreds of Israeli attacks against the Palestinians.



Picture 6-7 order T/75/05



Picture 8: targeted lands





‘Awarta is located 6 km away from Nablus city, its total population is 6000 people excluding the ones who immigrated in 1948 and 1967. ‘Awarta states a clear evidence of the Palestinian agony, its inhabitants suffer from day-to-day harassments by the Israeli Occupation soldiers positioned in Huwwara military base. ‘Awarta’s total area is 16400; 60 % of these lands are unreachable due to israeli land due to various types of Israeli attacks





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