Colonists Attack Palestinian Residences in Shu’fat

Colonists Attack Palestinian Residences in Shu’fat


On September 8, 2012, colonists of ‘Rekhes Shu’fat’ attacked al Sahel neighborhood in Shu’fat in the Occupied City of Jerusalem by damaging properties of the residents and impeding their cars and residences with stones.




The Imam of Shu’fat mosque said: ‘2 months ago, a group of around 50 colonists of Rekhes Shu’fat colony attacked the neighborhood; usually, their attacks take place on Saturdays. The destroyed fences, and torched and damaged properties. The locals pushed them back and filed an official complaint for the Israeli Police‘.


Abdul Salam Alqam said in a statement: ‘we have been suffering from colonists aggressions for the last 6 years; I think we suffered the most since our house is the closest to the colony, only 200 meters away. They usually attack in groups, orally abusing us and impeding the residence with rocks. A year ago, they set a huge pile of fodder, which I used to feed cattle, alight. Two months ago, around 50 colonists broke into the neighborhood and started throwing rocks at houses, cars, and people; the locals clashed with them and managed to push them back. On September 8, 2012, around 50 colonists appeared before showring our residence with rocks; young men of the neighborhood gathered to stand up against them and their presence made the colonists flee. I have been afraid about similar attacks in the future so I installed surveillance cameras. In addition, young men have organized patrols around the neighborhood to be ready for future attacks.


It must be noted that numerous attacks against the neighborhood have been reported; these included damaging cars, ravaging properties, and writing offensive and racist slogans.



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