Colonists Attack a House in the Hebron Old City

Colonists Attack a House in the Hebron Old City




Violation: colonists attack a residence in Hebron Old City.

Date: September 19, 2012.

Location: AL Far area in the Old City.

Perpetrators: colonists of Abraham Aveno.

Victims: Nidal Ewewi and his family.




On September 19, 2012, Israeli colonists attacked Nidal Ewewi residence in Hebron Old City; the colonists also beat his son Said, 24, and daughter Sally, 12. The owner’s son (Said) said: ‘at around 12:30 on September 19, 2012, while being visited by a group of foreigners we heard a banging sound which we realized that it was someone knocking on the water tanks on the roof. I went up with my sister Sally to see what was happening to find 3 colonists on the roof. They detached one of the water tanks causing the water to leak. It was obvious that they got there by jumping over the adjacent roofs coming from the nearby Abraham Aveno outpost. When I saw the young colonists I screamed at them asking them what they are doing?! They responded by pushing me to the ground while another choked my sister before throwing her to the ground too. Moments later they fled. One of the activist saw what happened and went up to the roof, a colonist threw a rock at her but the rock hit a window and broke it. Then she called the Israeli Army and a patrol of 6 soldiers arrived to the scene but they did absolutely nothing, just stood there!




Said is complaining of pain in his tummy and back and his sister said: ‘I was afraid that he was going to throw me of the roof!’ Several attacks have taken place in Hebron Old City of late, these include:





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