Cutting 31 olive trees in Al Hamra

Cutting 31 olive trees in Al Hamra




Violation: cutting 31 olive trees.

Date: August 25, 2012.

Perpetrators: colonists of Maon.

Victim: Ali Rib’i.




On August 25, 2012, colonists of Maon cut 31 olive trees in Al Hamra area near At Tawani. The owner of the trees, Ali Rib’I said: ‘a relative called me and told me that there are trees that were cut and broken in Al Hamra. As soon as I got there could see 31 trees cut down. Saw marks were visible. I had with me an international activist who called the Israeli Occupation Army and informed them of the attack. Soon afterwards, soldiers came with a tracker who tracked the assailants to Maon colony.





Picture 1-3: attack on Rib’I trees



He also said that he went to the Police station in Kiryat Arbaa colony where he met an officer with the name Avitai; he filed an official complaint.



Picture 4: a copy of the complaint



He said that the colonists tend to prevent the farmers from accessing their lands and that they deprived 17 people from a major source of income. Coherently, at the beginning of August, Israeli troops placed cement blocks at the entrance of Al Hamra area; it was written ‘shooting ground’ on the blocks. It must be known that the entrance leads to a number of small Palestinian villages which are threatened of evacuation.



Picture 5: blocks placed by the Israeli Occupation Army






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