Stop-work Orders in Yatta

Stop-work Orders in Yatta


Violation: stop-work orders for a residence and a shack in Yatta.

Date: July 16, 2012.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.

Victims: Mohammad Atiyat and Walid al Jbour.




On July 16, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Authorities issued stop-work orders for a residence and a shack in Huwwara area, eastern Yatta. An officer of the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration showed up at Mohammad Atiyat doorstep, placed the order on the door, took a picture of it, before handing it to Mohammad. Then he moved to Walid al Jbour and placed the order on the shack’s door.


The orders demanded the immediate stoppage of any construction because of unlicensed construction while a hearing session is set to be held on August 9, 2012 to discuss ‘demolition or returning to status quo’.




Picture 1: Mohammad Atiyat order



Mohammad’s residence is a simple primitive residence built of blocks and roofed with metal slabs. Its total area is 140 m2. The house, which was built in 2010 is inhabited by 9 people including 7 children.



Picture 2: Mohammad Atiyat residence


However, Mohammad said that he will not object to the order due to the high costs of the legal process and his belief that the Israelis will never grant him a construction permit in area ‘C’. As for the shack, it is 12 m2 in area and was built as a rest room for people working in the field and to store equipment.



Picture 3: shack





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